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Mental Health Resources

June 12, 2017

About one in five American adults experiences mental illness annually and one in 20 lives with a serious mental health condition such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or major depression that impairs their ability to function. Despite the high prevalence of mental health disorders, a strong societal stigma still exists due in large part due to a shortfall in dissemination of accurate educational information and associated widespread misunderstanding. Many people do not seek mental health services or are unaware their symptoms could indicate a mental illness. At COPAC, we believe well-researched educational resources help individuals and families recognize they have a problem and receive the mental health support they need.

Our educational articles cover a broad range of topics — from emotional problems to serious, clinically diagnosable disorders requiring inpatient treatment. They also reflect the high incidence of co-occurring substance use disorders, mood disorders and behavioral disorders. Learn the facts about anxiety and depression, the truth about sex addictions, the role of the ego in treatment and the link between depression and suicide. You’ll also discover why behaviors like gambling, compulsive shopping or excessive Internet surfing may signal the presence of a process addiction.

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