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Sex Addiction Treatment

June 6, 2017

Treatment for Sex Addiction

Sex addiction recovery starts with the person recognizing they are out of control sexually. In some cases, sex addicts remain in denial until a significant life event such as a spouse or partner leaving, job loss or a health crisis prompts them to seek treatment for sex addiction.

As experts have learned more about sex addiction in the past decade, they’ve developed a number of treatment options. While some individuals are able to commit to sexual sobriety by participating in counseling or an outpatient program, many find that their motivation and ability to change are strongest at a residential sex addiction treatment center. Removed from their familiar environment, routines and triggers for acting out, individuals are immersed in a therapeutic setting where they receive 24-hour support and a full range of therapies to treat sex addiction.

Goals of a sex addiction treatment center program typically include:

  • A short-term commitment to abstinence
  • Developing healthy sexuality
  • Rebuilding relationships
  • Stress management

Treatment for sex addiction may follow the 12-step model initially developed for those with substance use disorders. This model views addicts as chronically addicted to a behavior in spite of their attempts to change. The model focuses on three elements of the addiction cycle: use of sex, self-judgment and avoidance behaviors.

Sex Addiction Treatment at The Center for Relationship and Sexual Recovery

Our sexual addiction program provides a nurturing, accepting environment that supports the therapeutic process. Clients are provided the safe space needed to explore shame without fear of judgment by others. They are treated with empathy and respect and benefit from the expertise of a highly specialized multidisciplinary team. Our staff is trained in a number of therapeutic approaches that address trauma, attachment issues, enmeshment, neglect and other underlying issues of sex addiction.

Sex addiction treatment begins with thorough biopsychosocial assessments. We craft treatment plans that address the full spectrum of issues that may be present — sex addiction as well as substance abuse, eating disorders and other co-occurring mental disorders. Each client receives the individualized care and targeted therapies needed to begin recovering from their specific issues. Learn more about our sex addiction treatment programs for men and women or call 888-844-5865.

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