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Drug Rehab for Pregnant Women

Somewhere along the way you veered off track, but now you’re ready to do what’s best for you and your baby. And that’s what matters. At The Ranch Mississippi alcohol and drug rehab, we have the specialized medical staff and facilities to help expecting mothers safely recover from drug and alcohol abuse. You’ll get expert medical care and the tools you need to stay sober.

Healing for You, Hope for Your Baby

Features of our drug rehab program for pregnant women include:

Medical Detox

If drug or alcohol detox is required, you’ll detox in a private, peaceful setting under the 24/7 supervision of medical staff. You and your baby’s vital signs will be monitored continuously and we’ll draw upon the latest evidence-based approaches to ease withdrawal symptoms and keep both of you safe and comfortable.

Regular OB/GYN Care

Our staff is trained to provide comprehensive medical services for pregnant women. You’ll receive as many OB/GYN exams and appointments with our master’s level, AANP board-certified family nurse practitioner as needed. You’ll also see a respected physician in the community regularly.

Compassionate, Accepting Environment

The treatment community at The Ranch Mississippi drug and alcohol rehab is accepting and non-judging. We view every client as a valued human being who happens to suffer from the disease of addiction. Many of us have been there ourselves. Rest assured you’ll be treated with respect and regard for the courageous decision you’ve made to get help for you and your family.

Treatment for Long-Term Recovery

You’ll address the underlying reasons why you’ve turned to alcohol or other drugs to cope. This way you can understand the challenges that got you here, and be empowered to tackle them going forward. Getting to the root of the problem helps prepare you and your family for long-term recovery. Our program teaches you new, healthy coping skills you can apply in everyday life to prevent relapse.

Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Healing

We help you tackle addiction from all angles. Our therapies and approaches heal the physical deficiencies of addiction. They also provide opportunities to enhance your spirituality and faith. Our experienced clinicians help you heal from past trauma, mental health disorders and other factors contributing to addiction. Learn about our approaches.

Inpatient Drug Rehab for Pregnant Women

Our residential program removes you from life stressors while still preparing you to face everyday challenges when you leave treatment. You’ll live in comfortable residences and participate in individual and group therapy. Learn more about our alcohol and drug rehab program.

You are welcome to enter our drug rehab for pregnant women at any stage in your pregnancy.

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Program Snapshot

  • Regular OB/GYN care
  • Gender-separate
  • Physical and psychiatric assessments
  • Drug screens
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family involvement
  • Optional chapel services
  • 12-step based
  • Addiction education
  • Job search help
  • School application help
  • Sober-living skills
  • Aftercare
  • Insurance accepted

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