At The Ranch addiction and mental health rehab, we welcome clients of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds. Whether a client already has a strong foothold in a specific religion, is interested in exploring different forms of spirituality, or has emotional wounds around religion or a higher power they are ready to address, we meet them where they are with sensitivity toward all cultures, beliefs and religions.

Christian Programming

Our Christian programming is designed to help individuals explore fundamental questions of life’s meaning and purpose while developing an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. It is invitational, safe, respectful and non-dogmatic. It welcomes people of all faiths and religious backgrounds to wrestle with their own skepticism and doubt, and seek truth in their life.

Our Christian programming includes:

  • Weekly church service: The Sunday service begins with music provided by staff and clients, who bring guitars, fiddles and whatever else they’d like to play. The music is followed by a talk based on Scripture that’s relevant to recovery and to daily life.
  • Life’s Big Questions: This gender-separate group looks at life’s enduring mystery from a Christian perspective. It addresses philosophical questions about God and faith, but also looks at how psychological wounds involving past experiences, including trauma, inform one’s biases and beliefs.
  • A Journey Through James: This group investigates the Book of James on a 12-week cycle. We teach not only how to read the Scripture and to understand it, but also how to apply it to daily life.

These groups resonate with clients because individuals struggling with addiction are often confronting past trauma, a journey that brings up questions of God, faith, reality and truth. Our groups are uniquely invitational and oriented toward exchanging ideas and letting truth emerge on its own. In a safe and respectful environment, clients are able to find their own voice. Call 844-876-7680 to learn more.

Sensitivity and Support for Jewish Clients

Our staff is educated in the beliefs, customs and needs of orthodox Jewish clients, including the Jewish family and cultural systems and their role in the recovery process. During their stay at The Ranch mental health and drug and alcohol rehab, clients are able to continue to stay kosher and observe the Sabbath.

We provide food from a kosher grocery store and meat from a kosher butcher in Nashville, and have kosher food storage facilities, food preparation stations (including designated refrigerators, microwaves and stoves) and cooking utensils.

Our staff adjusts scheduled activities to allow clients to observe the Sabbath and we have cultivated strong ties with rabbis in the local area who we work with to manage clients’ spiritual and religious practices and dietary needs. Call 844-876-7680 to learn more.

Spirituality and Mindfulness

We provide a robust mindfulness program and limitless opportunities to embrace spirituality in whatever form that takes for each client. Our goal is to help clients understand that no person is an island. Our mindfulness and spirituality practices foster the concept that human beings are part of something bigger and thrive when others are around them and they grasp the awe and miracle of humankind and the universe they are part of.

Opportunities for mindfulness and spirituality include:

  • Mindfulness groups with instruction in the practice of mindfulness through meditation, contemplation and awareness
  • Group work that enhances the 12 steps with mindfulness and instructs clients on how to work with the 12 steps in either a theistic or nontheistic way
  • Instruction in self-compassion practices, loving kindness, gratitude and equanimity
  • Gender-separate, half-day mindfulness retreat each month focusing on cultivating patience
  • Opportunities to meet with a spiritual counselor and mindfulness expert
  • Training on how to deconstruct false senses of self and depersonalize past shame, self-blame and other emotions through the practice of mindfulness
  • Frequent incorporation of nature as a means to spirituality, peace and connection
  • Native American and ancient healing traditions such as medicine wheel, sweat lodge, and walking the labyrinth that encourage spiritual connections with the environment and others

Whatever a client’s religious or spiritual beliefs and preferences, we invite clients to begin exploring some power greater than their ideas of themselves. We encourage them to embrace humility that as individual human beings we are far enough down the scale that we are not expected to “figure it all out,” but that there is something greater than our will and self-created realities that can help us be true to our intentions and values and get us closer to our authentic selves. Call 844-876-7680 to learn more.