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Family Program

Addiction is a family disease. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recommends that families are involved in treatment because studies suggest that addiction treatment is more effective when it includes family therapy. Research shows that family support plays an important role in the success of people recovering from addiction and mental health issues, and family participation may increase the chances that a person stays in treatment, improves social and family relationships and helps prevent relapse.

Family members must also heal from the emotional aftermath of drug and alcohol abuse. To help our clients and their loved ones begin to rebuild their lives and relationships, we offer regular family therapy as well as family programs. Our family programs vary by location and range from a weekend to week-long experience. Family members learn how to best support their loved one in recovery while taking care of themselves. Loved ones learn how to recognize signs of relapse, set healthy boundaries and expectations and communicate honestly and effectively. Activities and topics are carefully planned to help families learn more about addiction and mental illness, and connect them with others sharing similar struggles. The experience provides the opportunity for open communication among family members with the guidance of professionals, so that everyone can begin to heal.

Locations Offering Family Program