As part of our whole-person approach to recovery, we integrate physical activity and healthy lifestyle education into clients’ treatment plans. In addition to our adventure therapy options, clients can explore a number of fitness activities that promote physical and emotional healing.

Exercise is a key component of self-care. Our goal is to make fitness fun, low-pressure, inspirational and engaging. Every week clients have the opportunity to attend groups and activities at our Wellness Mall and/or visit our gym for self-guided fitness with treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes and free weights.

Activities at the Wellness Mall are tailored to clients’ interests, comfort level and capabilities and may include:

  • Exercise and healthy lifestyle education groups
  • Supervised outdoor activities like swimming in the river, walking the campus, scavenger hunts or hiking trails
  • Circuit training with stations based around affirmations
  • Obstacle courses
  • Kickboxing and dance fitness classes
  • Playful activities and games that engage the inner child such as Red Light/Green Light
  • Somatic movement therapy that helps clients reconnect with and re-inhabit their bodies
  • Stretching exercises

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