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The Daring Way™ is a unique modality based on years of research by Houston-based research professor and bestselling author Dr. Brené Brown. A highly experiential methodology, this type of therapy uses metaphor, story-telling and experiential exercises to analyze thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that prevent people from attaining their full potential. Clients learn to identify new choices and practices that propel them toward more authentic and wholehearted lives.

A central component of Daring Way is learning to show up, be seen and live bravely. Doing so requires developing empathy and self-compassion and recognizing and fully embracing the true values within oneself. During sessions, certified facilitators work with clients on topics such as vulnerability, courage, shame and worthiness. The primary focus is on developing shame resiliency skills and developing daily practices to transform the way people live, love, parent and lead.

How The Daring Way Helps

Using personal lessons from Brown’s own life, The Daring Way teaches people that love, a sense of belonging, creativity and joy cannot exist fully without vulnerability. But in our culture of reflexive cynicism, it is imperative for people to gain an understanding of shame and build shame resilience before making themselves vulnerable. Otherwise the consequences can be devastating.

Clients who participate in The Daring Way acquire tools and skills to help them cultivate more resilience, self-compassion, empathy, creativity, joy and connection in their lives. Central to this philosophy is Brown’s 10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living, which stress the importance of cultivating the following 10 key traits:

  • Authenticity
  • Self-compassion
  • Resiliency of spirit
  • Gratitude and joy
  • Intuition, trust and faith
  • Creativity
  • Playfulness and relaxation
  • Calm and stillness
  • Meaningful work and laughter
  • Song and dance

Benefits of The Daring Way

The Daring Way is especially beneficial for people with addictions, depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. Substance abuse is a psychological and emotional avoidance strategy people use to protect themselves from shame. The Daring Way helps break this destructive cycle by providing people with resilience skills to better deal with life struggles and difficult emotions.

By learning to embrace challenges instead of avoiding them, people are better able to make healthy choices and live wholeheartedly. The ultimate goal is to live a joyous, personally meaningful life free of drugs, alcohol or other destructive behaviors. The Daring Way clears the pathway, enabling people to begin their journey of recovery and live life fully. Like other therapies, it is up to the individual to fully leverage the skills learned and practically apply them to the real world. Benefits include:

  • Decreased shame and fear
  • Enhanced self-faith and self-esteem
  • Healthier sense of self-worth
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Decreased self-doubt
  • Reduced levels of perfectionism
  • Greater self-insights
  • Reduced impulsivity
  • Greater willingness to explore life fully

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