The Labyrinth can serve as a means to answer many questions, whether a client is searching for something, longing to quiet their mind, seeking a practice to strengthen themselves, or looking for a path of prayer or spirituality.

An experiential walking metaphor for spirituality, the labyrinth is an ancient tradition used by diverse cultures as a symbol for meditation, prayer, introspection and “going within” and creating one’s personal experience. The purpose of the pilgrimage is infinite:

  • To give thanks
  • To achieve forgiveness
  • To hope and ask for a miracle
  • To express love of God or a higher power
  • To draw near something sacred
  • To get outside the normal routine of life so something new can happen
  • To find peace
  • To prepare for surgery
  • To mourn a loss

Walking the Labyrinth

Clients are asked to clear their mind and become aware of their breath, allowing them to find the natural pace their body dictates. They may “pass” people or let others step around them, whichever is easiest at the turns. The path is two ways. Those going in will meet those coming out. Clients are encouraged to do whatever feels natural. They walk their way into the Labyrinth, make their way to the center, and exit the Labyrinth the same way they entered.

  • Entering (Purgation): A releasing and letting go of the details of one’s life. This is an act of shedding thoughts and emotions. Purging the mind, thoughts and consciousness of all the daily details quiets the mind.
  • Centering (Illumination): Opening oneself up for an illuminating experience. This is a place of meditation and prayer. Clients receive what is there to receive. They may stand, sit, lie down, get on their knees, dance or do whatever feels natural to them.
  • Exiting (Union): Acting in harmony with one’s deepest truth. When clients walk the labyrinth, they become more integrated and empowered to find and do the work they feel their soul reaching for. They ask what actions, supports and resources will help them live their deepest truth in everyday life.

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