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The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth has been used since ancient times as a symbol for meditation, prayer, introspection and connection to God or a higher power. The Labyrinth pilgrimage can be used as a means for processing a number of life experiences and emotions, including offering gratitude, mourning a loss, asking for forgiveness for self or others, seeking strength, expressing love for a higher power and quieting the mind.

Walking the Labyrinth consists of three steps: Entering, Centering and Exiting. In the Entering phase, clients let go of thoughts and feelings and enter the Labyrinth with a quiet mind and heart. In the Centering phase, clients open themselves up to an illuminating experience and engage in meditation and prayer. In Exiting, clients take the insights gained in the Labyrinth and integrate it into their daily experience, feeling more empowered and inspired to live their deepest truth in everyday life.

What It Is:

The labyrinth is constructed out of stone and set amongst the beautiful hills of The Ranch (Tennessee) campus. It is an experiential walking metaphor for spirituality. Clients walk through the labyrinth during prayer and meditation as a way to quiet their mind and connect with their higher power. The labyrinth is constructed like a maze with twists and turns — similar to life — that clients navigate during their walking meditation.

How It Helps:

The repetitive nature of walking through the labyrinth can help clients feel a greater sense of calm and purpose, and the spiritual nature of the pilgrimage can help them to connect with their higher power and gain insight into their recovery and life purpose.

The serene setting of the labyrinth and the ability to connect with a higher power among nature can be a powerful experience. Many clients experience a strong spiritual connection while participating in this walking meditation and gain valuable insight into their recovery journey.


The labyrinth can help clients connect with themselves and their spirituality, which strengthens their commitment to recovery and the 12 Steps.

Other benefits include:

  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Increased feelings of calm and well-being
  • Greater ability to process emotions
  • Increased feelings of spiritual connection and purpose
  • Deeper insight into addictions and other destructive behaviors

Locations Offering The Labyrinth