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Toltec Recovery Wisdom

The earliest Toltecs, or “artists of the spirit,” lived in the Americas about 4,000 years ago. A civilization eventually grew up around their teachings, which flourished until about a thousand years ago.

The Toltec teachings have been passed down from generation to generation. Their wisdom is focused not around race, culture or religion, but instead around one universal doctrine: love. The Toltecs believed that all sicknesses of the human mind and spirit could be solved through love, and their civilization was based around supporting others by embodying love in every thought, decision and action.

These teachings are not a religion; they are a sophisticated and ancient understanding of human psychology. People from all faiths have found ways to integrate Toltec teachings into their own spiritual practice.

What It Is:

At The Ranch, we offer clients the opportunity to explore the Toltec teachings and integrate them into their recovery practices and groups. We host weekend seminars in which Toltec teachers help clients better understand the Toltec teachings and how they relate to their own lives. Clients may also have the opportunity to participate in ancient Toltec ceremonies that bring the teachings to life in a meaningful way.

How It Helps:

Because the Toltec teachings are compatible with the 12-step program, Toltec Wisdom Recovery can help clients better understand recovery principles and integrate them into their daily lives. The focus on love and acceptance can help clients reprogram negative thought patterns, replace destructive behaviors with more positive ones, and develop a greater sense of compassion, empathy and love for themselves and others.


Toltec Wisdom Recovery can be a powerful tool for clients from all faiths and backgrounds. These universal teachings can help to strengthen recovery and change perspective.

Additional benefits include:

  • Heightened awareness of self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Greater ability to forgive self and others
  • Increased compassion and empathy
  • Increased connection to self, others and a higher power
  • Increased ability to feel positive emotions like joy and gratitude
  • Improved understanding of one’s self
  • Deeper insight into addiction and recovery

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