Toltec wisdom is an ancient tradition. The earliest Toltecs, or “artists of the spirit,” lived in the Americas about 4,000 years ago. A civilization eventually grew up around their teachings, which flourished until about a thousand years ago.

The Toltec teachings are compatible with twelve-step approaches to recovery, and like twelve-step meetings, ask only that each person “take what is useful, and leave the rest.” As part of our commitment to offer our clients every possible tool for their recovery, The Ranch treatment program encourages clients to investigate the Toltec teachings and integrate those teachings into adjunct therapy groups. We also invite Toltec teachers to offer weekend seminars as part of our therapeutic programs.

Many civilizations are built around race, culture or religion. The Toltec civilization was created for one purpose: to support each person in embodying love in every decision, every thought, every action and every moment.

These teachings are not a religion; they are a sophisticated and ancient understanding of human psychology, the sickness of the human mind, and how that sickness can be healed through the practice of love. Practices include many beautiful ceremonies to help people become more aware of how they create suffering in their lives, practice forgiveness and surrender, express gratitude, and celebrate life. These teachings were passed down in individual families and small communities for a thousand years, and just in the past few decades have been shared with the rest of humanity.

People of all religious faiths have found Toltec wisdom helpful in their spiritual lives, and a growing number of people in recovery have found them to be a powerful tool for staying sober and creating positive, meaningful lives.

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