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The Recovery of Self Program for Women is designed for women 18+ who have lost touch with their authentic selves and need help learning to manage their lives. The program responds to a wide range of issues including post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma recovery, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, mood and personality disorders, codependency, addictions and avoidance techniques, and recovery from grief and loss.

The Ranch Women's Manager

Alyssa Stines,
LMSW Program Manager
and Therapist

Women receive complete social, spiritual, psychiatric and medical assessments along with individualized, outcome-based treatment planning. An integrated team offers experiential, cognitive/behavioral and expressive techniques, as well as equine therapy, EMDR, energy therapy, hypnotherapy, psychiatric and medical medication management, culturally sensitive ceremonial experiences and much more.

Clients live in comfortable residences where unique emphasis is placed on recovery of the whole self with encouragement of daily self-care and healthy social interaction. The strong community atmosphere is supported by staff round-the-clock.

therapist talking to clientServices are provided by licensed Masters-level providers every morning and afternoon with group activities in the evening that include varied twelve-step meetings. Spirituality or family-of-origin therapy programs occur twice monthly on weekends. The women are motivated to make a thorough examination of all aspects of their lives, taking into account not only chemically-based psychiatric disorders but also the often subtle effects of childhood and young adult experiences. To that end, intensive self-reflection, and experiential individual and group therapy are integrated to fully access feelings and new perspectives on old ways of coping.

The Recovery of Self Program for Women offers the hope to women that they can recover their authentic selves and their sense of spirit. The therapy promotes a strong connection with the earth and nature. As part of their program, many women have spent an overnight “Vision Quest” at the Native American Medicine Wheel that can be seen in the lush pasture below Hilltop House.

Therapeutic canoe trips take place on the Piney River that runs through the Ranch property. On the river bank, in a beautiful spot among tall, ancient trees stands a sweat lodge where residents can participate in a sweat lodge ceremony.

equine therapyOur Equine therapy program helps women learn about themselves and their social relationships by developing relationships with horses and other Ranch “four-leggeds”.

In residence, away from the daily demands and influences of life at home the women begin to feel free to focus on themselves, and take new risks to explore and change. Specific “stuck-points” including sexual, physical or emotional trauma, loss issues, current life situations, negative thinking patterns, etc., are pinpointed for resolution. Taking new actions based on personal authenticity are therapeutically supported. Women often choose to include their families, either directly or indirectly in their process. They are supported in making real changes at home and in interaction within the therapeutic community.

Comprehensive life-planning is considered the most important aspect of treatment. The women explore personal aspirations and goals. Recommendations for lifestyle choices toward maintaining gains in treatment, including sobriety are provided. Research and referrals for ongoing support are offered and the women are assisted in making practical arrangements. After discharge, the program provides access to weekend workshops which are free for one year, weekly open twelve-step meetings, and an alumni support group.

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