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Is Anonymity Still Required in Addiction Recovery?

What would you say to someone just starting out in addiction recovery? This was the question posed by Yamaha Media to alumni of The Ranch treatment center, whose stories of addiction and recovery were filmed for a powerful video played at the 2015 UNITE to Face Addiction rally in Washington, D.C. Tens of thousands of […]

Sober but Miserable: When Quitting Isn’t Enough

Carl is a soft-spoken screenwriter who grew up in an impoverished, alcoholic home. For most of his adult life, Carl has turned to alcohol to cope with grinding depression and a gnawing sense of not being good enough. One night after a weekend of drinking, Carl had a blackout. He awoke in his car with […]

Mindfulness: Why Every Addict Needs It

The addict has a restless brain, and substances or compulsive behaviors are used to self-regulate the overworked brain. That process eventually leads to a trail of destruction: lost jobs, failed marriages, neglected children, plundered fortunes.

Substitute Addictions Can Arise During Sex Addiction Recovery

Recovery from sex addiction can take a long time. Although every person is different, for some people it can take up to years to recover completely. Not only do people with sex addiction need to go through a period of abstinence until they can reliably stay away from addictive sexual behaviors, they also need to […]

5 Facts About Quitting Smoking in Recovery

Smoking is traditionally tolerated in rehab and early recovery. The prevailing idea has been that if someone can give up drugs or alcohol, she should at least be allowed to smoke. That cigarette may be the only thing keeping her from relapsing, or so the story goes. The truth about smoking in recovery tells a […]

Triggers: A Fact of Recovery

One of the most challenging aspects of recovery is how to handle triggers. No matter what the source addiction is—whether it’s alcohol and substance addictions, sexual addictions, addictive co-dependencies or something else—we all have to deal with things that make us want to re-engage in the self-destructive patterns that brought us into recovery in the […]

Six Essential Rules of Addiction Recovery

What does it really take to get sober and stay sober? If you talk to several people in recovery, you may get several opinions. Some will emphasize the importance of a sponsor or attending a lot of meetings. Others will insist that they couldn’t have gotten sober without the religious undertones of Alcoholics Anonymous.

My Holistic Approach to Sex and Relationship Addiction Recovery

When I sit in the rooms, I’m sometimes struck by how different we addicts are on the surface. In one of my meetings, there’s a surgeon, a homeless artist and a C-level executive, just to name a few. But we’re all there because of problems with love and relationship addiction (every member of the group […]