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Researchers Dig Deeper Into Neuropsychology of Anorexia

Recent findings from a team of Norwegian and British researchers indicate that girls and women with anorexia may compulsively check their bodies because they have unusual difficulty switching between mental tasks, although the evidence is far from conclusive.

Deep Brain Stimulation Promising Treatment for Severe Anorexia

An experimental procedure known as deep brain stimulation (DBS) has shown promise as a treatment for severe anorexia nervosa. DBS is currently an approved treatment procedure for essential tremor, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia and obsessive-compulsive disorder, but it is being studied as a treatment for anorexia, chronic pain and certain affective disorders.  

Activity Trackers Can Be a Danger for People With Eating Disorders

Activity trackers that monitor daily input and output of calories are helping many people jumpstart an exercise routine and become more active. In a society that has become increasingly inactive and overweight, activity trackers are generally considered to be a positive influence. However, activity trackers can be a risk for people living with eating disorders […]

Pro-Ana Websites Fuel Eating Disorders

Thinspiration and pro-ana are terms describing a disturbing trend online and especially on social media that involves supporting people in developing eating disorders. Type either term into a search engine and you will find any number of sites, social media groups, chat rooms and forums dedicated to members supporting each other in the quest to […]

Female Athletes at High Risk for Eating Disorders

The eating disorder risk that female athletes face is intuitive and counter-intuitive at the same time. On the one hand, it’s natural to assume that athletes know how to take care of their bodies as well or better than anyone else in the world. On the other hand, many athletes are under great pressure to […]