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Female Athletes at High Risk for Eating Disorders

The eating disorder risk that female athletes face is intuitive and counter-intuitive at the same time. On the one hand, it’s natural to assume that athletes know how to take care of their bodies as well or better than anyone else in the world. On the other hand, many athletes are under great pressure to […]

Eating Disorders on the Rise Among Elderly Women

If you think that there are more commercials today devoted to anti-age spots, ant-wrinkle creams, physical fitness and low-fat food, you may be right.  While looking and feeling young may be a great thing, experts are telling us that our cultural fixation on agelessness is coming at a price.  More and more evidence is coming […]

5 Strategies for Body Acceptance

Most women spend more time asking, “What does the perfect body look like, and how do I get it?” than actually enjoying their lives. We go on diets to lose weight, force ourselves into a gym and harangue ourselves if we don’t achieve our weight-loss goals. Isn’t there a better way to coexist with – […]

People With Anorexia Misjudge Their Body Size

The vision in the mirror is not the image that people with Anorexia see. Whether they are 115 pounds or 90 pounds, they see someone who is overweight and needs to restrict their food intake. Their image of themselves is dangerously distorted.

Should Body Image Lessons Be Mandatory in Schools?

Members of Parliament in the UK from a cross-party group believe the schools should teach mandatory lessons about body image. Children already have so much peer pressure because of the unrealistic body images presented in the media, with celebrities and advertising campaigns that it’s not just peer pressure anymore, according to Medical News Today.

Magazines with Older Audience Feature Young Models

Many eating disorder experts agree that the media plays a significant role in the development of eating disorders for some women. Among those women now representing a significant portion of those with eating disorders are older women over the age of 35. While some of them experience eating disorder symptoms revived from adolescent problems, some […]