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Almost Winning Primes Gamblers’ Brains

Problem gamblers are people who have an addiction-like relationship to gambling activities that don’t typically lead to major life disruptions for most individuals. As a rule, seriously affected gamblers qualify for diagnosis of a mental health condition called gambling disorder. In a study scheduled for publication in May 2014 in the journal NeuroImage, a team […]

Food Can Be As Addictive as Drugs, Study Finds

To say that a food addiction is no different from a heroin addiction seems a little extreme. However, new research is showing just how similar all addictions are. Whether you can’t put down the doughnut, or you crave cocaine, there are things going on in your brain that are at the core of your addiction.

The Brain Chemistry of Addiction

Alston liked to say that his chronic marijuana use was the only thing that could help him relax. Imagining quitting was simply not an option for him; how else would he be able to unwind or even sleep? Whenever he got together with his buddies, they bonded around the experience of smoking – the breaking […]