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The drug ketamine is a proven antidote to depression. Now, medical professionals have begun prescribing ketamine for anxiety as well.

By Tommy Williams, LADAC, ASAT-C, Primary Therapist, Men’s Sexual Addiction Program, The Ranch The headlines are filled with stories of high-powered men who are accused of being sexual predators, aggressors and harassers. Many of them are famous and successful men at the top of their professions.  Most have wives and children and financial freedom. They […]

For many people, the winter holidays are truly the “most wonderful time of the year.” For others, this season is absolutely the worst time of year — full of traditional sounds, scents and sentiments that bring up sad memories, old hurts, and triggers for anxiety, depression, addiction and, quite often, trauma and PTSD.

On the heels of controversial celebrities like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey signing up for rehab after being accused of sexual misconduct, Dr. Mehmet Oz devoted a portion of “The Dr. Oz Show” on Nov. 16 to the topic.

By Tommy Williams, LADAC, ASAT-C, Primary Therapist, Men’s Sexual Addiction Program, The Ranch When John was 10, he heard his father and mother arguing. He protected his younger brother by bringing him into his room to watch TV but John sat on the stairs listening. He heard yelling and things like: “It’s over,” and “I’m […]

Habit reversal training is a method used to treat impulse control disorders. For the last 40 years, habit reversal training has been used to help people who suffer from impulsive nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking and tics, substantially reduce or stop their behavior. In at least one study, treatment with habit reversal training reduced […]

Some people affected by major depression — one of the world’s most common mental health issues — also develop diagnosable symptoms of psychosis, a problem more commonly associated with schizophrenia. The overlapping of these symptoms is sometimes referred to as psychotic depression or psychosis depression. Doctors use a number of methods to test for the […]

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has become increasingly more discussed and diagnosed over the past 15 years. This is in large part because more veterans have returned home from war-time activities and experienced major disturbances in their ability to function physically, socially and emotionally.

Everyone knows that depressive disorders wreak havoc on your emotions, but did you know that depression can also impact your cognitive abilities? Making decisions may be more difficult if you’re suffering from depression, and that’s precisely when you need to make decisions about your antidepressant medication.

Not everyone is feeling the holiday spirit this time of year. Depression can strike anyone, even generally cheerful folks, and the stresses of the season can exacerbate existing depression.