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Cocaine Use Plummets With Combined Psychotherapeutic Approaches

Combining cognitive behavioral therapy and prize-based contingency management produces substantial benefits for cocaine program participants, a study finds. Cocaine addiction is a fairly common form of substance addiction that unfortunately does not respond consistently to any type of medication-based treatment. For this reason, cocaine-centered treatment programs typically rely on at least one form of psychotherapy […]

Wax Is the New Dangerous High

Law enforcement agencies around the country are reporting crackdowns on a new and potent form of marijuana called wax. The drug first appeared in California, but is rapidly spreading to other states. Named for its waxy consistency, wax marijuana is concentrated and powerful. Even experienced users of marijuana are impacted by the potency of this […]

Addiction in the Elderly

When most people think of an alcoholic or drug addict, they probably don’t think of an elderly person. The term “alcoholic” typically calls to mind a skid row bum sipping from a brown paper bag under a bridge or on a park bench, or a middle-aged person staggering out of a bar. The term “drug […]

Yes, Marijuana Really Can Be Addictive

Marijuana has a puzzling reputation. Many people believe that recreational marijuana use should be legalized, and that medical marijuana should have widespread availability. Yet marijuana remains illegal in most countries, including the United States, and the idea of legalization has many firm opponents.

Drug and Gambling Addictions Linked to Embezzlement

A corporate intelligence and security consulting firm that conducted a five year study that tied embezzlement to gambling and a desire to live a lavish lifestyle. Anecdotal evidence suggests drug addiction also plays a factor. The Marquet Report on Embezzlement looked into 528 cases involving $100,000 or more in reported losses. In 2012 the average […]

Addiction in the Jewish Community

Addiction is a disease that knows no cultural, religious or socioeconomic boundaries. Anyone is capable of becoming addicted to alcohol, prescription pills or illegal drugs. Long a subject of denial in the Jewish community, addiction is being forced to the forefront of discussion.

Impulsive Young Teens More Likely to Drink Heavily as Adults

Impulsivity is the term mental health professionals use to describe a personality trait that centers on a habit of acting without giving due consideration to the consequences of one’s choices. Current research links unusually high levels of this trait to increased risks for a number of serious problems, including suicidal behavior and morbid obesity. In […]

Cyberbullying Can Lead to Substance Abuse, Mental Health Issues

Cyberbullying is a term used to describe bullying behaviors that take place through various types of modern communications technologies rather than in person. While these behaviors largely mimic face-to-face bullying behaviors, they can potentially have a much broader reach and involve harsher bullying tactics. According to the results of a study published in 2010 in […]

Stress Early in Life Linked to Cocaine Addiction

Traumatic stress is a term used to describe a strong, potentially debilitating emotional reaction to a variety of dangerous or possibly life-threatening events or situations. Common sources of this type of reaction include physical or sexual abuse, severe physical injuries, imminent threats of extreme violence, and exposure to war or terrorism. When traumatic stress occurs […]