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The Worst Days of the Year for Drunk Driving

When it comes to drinking and driving in the United States, not all days of the year are created equal. Certain days, most of them national holidays, see major spikes in the number of fatal road accidents that involve a person behind the wheel who is under the influence.

Drunk Driving Incidences Surge Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration. Families and friends gather together for meals, gifts, and festive drinks. Champagne toasts to the New Year, warm rum toddies near the fireplace, and glasses of red wine on the table often go hand-in-hand with the holidays. At the end of the evening, when guests make their way […]

Drinking and Driving: Past, Present, and Future

Anyone who is old enough to remember the 1960s and the 1970s is likely to be amazed at how much attitudes about drinking and driving have changed over the past few decades. As hard as it may be to believe for those who are too young to remember, back then drinking and driving was an […]