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How to Cope With an Eating Disorder

You’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder — now what? You know that your thoughts, feelings and attitudes toward food and eating are not healthful, but how to change? The good news is that you got the diagnosis; it means that you are on the right track to healing. Along with professional help for your […]

Study Examines New Approach to Treating Eating Disorders

The development of an eating disorder is believed by experts to have both a biological and an environmental component. The mix of the two influences may differ based on the individual, but there are certain factors that significantly increase a person’s risk of developing an eating disorder.

Recognizing and Treating Bulimia

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by a recurring pattern of binge eating followed by either purging with laxatives, diuretics or self-induced vomiting, or through extreme dieting. It is a mental health disorder, meaning that recovery from the illness will require not only behavior modification but also a focus on improved emotional health.

Eating Disorder Patients Turn to Internet for Empathy, Support

Teens are living more of their lives on the Internet. A teen struggling with an eating disorder may seek out websites with information about the disorder and end up connecting with commenters discussion forum members. While the teen may feel validated by the experiences of others online, they will not receive in-person support the same […]

Eating Disorder Treatment Saves Lives

Eating disorders, to those who have never been impacted by one, may seem trivial. It’s about losing weight and wanting to look better, right? The truth is that eating disorders are devastating mental disorders. In fact, anorexia nervosa causes more fatalities than any other psychiatric disorder.

Asking For Help When You Have an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are very serious. When compared to all types of mental illnesses, eating disorders are implicated in the greatest number of deaths. An eating disorder is a condition related to mental and emotional health, but its impacts affect the entire body. The only way to get better and to ensure that your disordered eating […]

Know the Signs of an Eating Disorder

Disordered eating is an issue of mental health, addiction and physical health. Close to 24 million Americans struggle with an eating disorder and more people die from one than any other mental illness. Young women are especially susceptible to developing an eating disorder, but it can impact anyone of any age. By becoming familiar with […]

The Women’s Eating Recovery Center at The Ranch Expands Its Eating Disorder Treatment Program with the Opening of Windsong House

In response to soaring demand for its highly effective eating disorders treatment program, The Women’s Eating Recovery Center at The Ranch opens Windsong House, a 12,000-square-foot treatment center for women. Nunnelly, TN (PRWEB) Aug. 12, 2014 – The Ranch, a state-of-the-art behavioral health center specializing in the treatment of trauma, mood disorders and intimacy disorders, […]