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Posted in Addiction Research

Compulsive Gambling Hurts More Than the Gambler

At one time, a person had to travel to Atlantic City or Las Vegas in order to participate in heavy-duty gambling. Today, gambling is available almost everywhere. Many states allow casinos and sell lottery tickets. Fantasy football and casino-style gaming can be accessed online 24/7. This means that it is easier than ever to develop a gambling addiction. When that happens, more than the gambler is adversely affected.

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Alcoholism: The Killer That Steals Fathers From Families

On Father’s Day, June 15, grown sons and daughters will return home from far and wide to celebrate with their dads. Meanwhile, younger children will surprise their fathers with homemade gifts and personalized cards that will be proudly displayed on refrigerator doors for weeks. Fathers will be treated to fantastic meals at home or in fine restaurants all across the land, as those who love and appreciate them the most will go the extra mile to show how deeply they care.

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Posted in Mental Health

Children, Spouses of Military Members at Increased Risk for Mental Disorders

Life in the military often comes at a very high price.  Mental health problems sometimes manifest as part of that price.  Mental health and suicide rates among military members have received quite a bit of attention in recent years – and rightly so. Our nation’s vets sacrifice their physical and emotional well-being to protect their families and fellow citizens. However, when it comes to mental health, there’s another group that deserves attention as well: military families.

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The Far-Reaching Effects of Bipolar Disorder

A diagnosis of mental illness in your child can be devastating news. Although advances in treatments and medications have made leaps and bounds in recent years, coping with a mental illness is still challenging. When that mental illness is bipolar disorder and the affected person is a child or teenager, the effects reach far and wide. Parents, siblings, friends, and even extended family can feel consequences of a child or teenager with this mood disorder.

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Posted in Eating Disorders

Helping a Parent With An Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are a serious problem. When a parent battles this type of illness it will touch each person in the household. Since eating disorders often go undetected and/or untreated for many years, this is a condition which may have pervasive influences in the lives of family members. Today, there are many older men and women struggling with the disorder and it is likely that they have been doing so for decades. What then can adult children do to help themselves as well as the parent with food struggles?

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Posted in Trauma and PTSD

Keeping it Real

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is not isolated to the individual who is experiencing it, his or her family feels the affects too.

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Posted in Early Recovery

Bottling Up vs. Sharing: Talking About Your Addiction

When you are in the process of recovering from an addiction, talking about your illness can be an important part of the healing process. However, it can be difficult to know how to talk about your experiences, and with whom. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to talk about an addiction, even if you know that sharing your thoughts and feelings will help you with your recovery. It can be hard to know who to open up with, and who to trust with your personal experiences.

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Marriage to Depressed Individual Heightens Risk

Marriage is an institution filled with challenges. Couples are faced with trying to navigate through multiple life stages as a team, often finding that conflicting expectations provide ample room for disagreement. Sharing finances and children too can create stress for a couple.

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How to Support a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder

What does it mean to find out that your loved one – a parent, child or spouse, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder? How can you help and what should you expect?

For many people, the initial reaction may be one of relief. Finally you have an answer for inexplicable behavior and moods: the rages or tantrums at seemingly nothing, the black depressions that are so sad and frightening to witness. At last you know what’s going on. Now how can you help?

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Unhappy Holidays: Handling a Family Member Who Typically Gets Drunk

The scene is all-too familiar for many American families. One family member gets blotto and ruins holiday get-togethers to such an extent that it spells humiliation for everyone concerned. Not the least of which are any children present who have to witness the intoxication of their parent or grandparent or other family member.

Maybe this is the holiday season you can do something about it. Here are some tips on how to handle a family member who typically – let’s say, regularly – gets drunk during the holidays.

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