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Food Can Be As Addictive as Drugs, Study Finds

To say that a food addiction is no different from a heroin addiction seems a little extreme. However, new research is showing just how similar all addictions are. Whether you can’t put down the doughnut, or you crave cocaine, there are things going on in your brain that are at the core of your addiction.

Women Abused as Children Twice as Likely to Suffer From Food Addiction

Food addiction is an unofficial term used to describe a relationship to food and eating that essentially mirrors the drug- or alcohol-related behaviors found in people affected by substance addictions. While the condition is not recognized by the highly influential American Psychiatric Association, significant evidence support its existence. According to the results of a new […]

Binge Eating Can Lead to Other Addictive Behaviors

Addictions are not limited to alcohol or drugs. People can become addicted to multiple substances and habits including gambling, sex, and eating. Researchers are finding links between addictions and overall addictive behavior. In a few studies on binge eating, researchers found links between binge eating fatty foods and craving cocaine and marijuana. With further research, […]

Your Personality Affects Odds for Obesity

Obesity is a term used to describe a body weight high enough to significantly impair short-term health and increase a person’s risks for chronic physical or mental illness. Numerous public health officials have identified rising levels of obesity as one of the major threats to well-being encountered throughout a wide variety of social groups in […]

Are Food Addicts Stigmatized?

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers at the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale have looked into how the public judges people with an addiction to food.