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Problem Gamblers Should Be Screened for Personality Disorders

The revelation that addicts often have underlying physical or mental health disorders does not exactly qualify as a shocker. Compulsive behaviors are often a coping mechanism for those who feel overwhelmed by the world and feel a desperate urge to escape from their troubles. But naturally those troubles only multiply when addiction develops, as obstacles […]

Sexual Addiction, Gambling Addiction Show Similarities

Sexual addiction should be classified alongside gambling addiction and other behavioral addictions, according to a new study published in the journal Comprehensive Psychiatry. These results could help the disorder gain the official recognition it is currently lacking. The new study, led by Dr. Joseph M. Farré of the Hospital Universitari Quirón-Dexeus in Barcelona, Spain, compared […]

Almost Winning Primes Gamblers’ Brains

Problem gamblers are people who have an addiction-like relationship to gambling activities that don’t typically lead to major life disruptions for most individuals. As a rule, seriously affected gamblers qualify for diagnosis of a mental health condition called gambling disorder. In a study scheduled for publication in May 2014 in the journal NeuroImage, a team […]

Seniors and Problem Gambling: A Growing Addiction

Opportunities to gamble present themselves to all Americans of any age and from all walks of life. From gambling meccas like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, to local casinos and online gaming, gambling is available to nearly everyone. Some people, though, are targeted more often than others. Senior citizens, retirees with no day jobs and […]

Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps Gambling Addicts

People diagnosed with gambling disorder have an addiction to participating in one or more types of gambling activity. Specialists commonly refer to this non-substance-related condition as a form of behavioral addiction. In a study published in April 2014 in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, researchers from Canada’s University of Toronto investigated the […]

Compulsive Gambling Hurts More Than the Gambler

At one time, a person had to travel to Atlantic City or Las Vegas in order to participate in heavy-duty gambling. Today, gambling is available almost everywhere. Many states allow casinos and sell lottery tickets. Fantasy football and casino-style gaming can be accessed online 24/7. This means that it is easier than ever to develop […]