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Gambling Disorder, Alcoholism Feature Similar Impulsive Behaviors

Alcoholism and gambling disorder are well-defined examples of two recognized forms of addiction: substance addiction and non-substance-based behavioral addiction. Impulsive behavior is typically viewed as a core characteristic of both forms of addiction, although the specific types of impulsivity present may vary. In a study published in June 2014 in the journal Addictive Behaviors, a […]

Drug and Gambling Addictions Linked to Embezzlement

A corporate intelligence and security consulting firm that conducted a five year study that tied embezzlement to gambling and a desire to live a lavish lifestyle. Anecdotal evidence suggests drug addiction also plays a factor. The Marquet Report on Embezzlement looked into 528 cases involving $100,000 or more in reported losses. In 2012 the average […]

Which People Tend to Seek Treatment for Gambling Disorder?

Gambling disorder (compulsive gambling) is the name of an officially recognized non-substance-based addiction that features problematic and dysfunctional involvement in one or more types of gambling. As is true with other forms of addiction, many of the people affected by this disorder never seek or receive treatment for their condition. In a study published in […]

Almost Winning Primes Gamblers’ Brains

Problem gamblers are people who have an addiction-like relationship to gambling activities that don’t typically lead to major life disruptions for most individuals. As a rule, seriously affected gamblers qualify for diagnosis of a mental health condition called gambling disorder. In a study scheduled for publication in May 2014 in the journal NeuroImage, a team […]

Online Gambling Among Teens

In the past, a person that wanted to gamble required a trip to a brick-and-mortar casino or at least an invitation to play poker in a friends’ basement. However, with Internet gaming available any time via smart phones and computers, gambling is always just a click away. As a result, gambling activity has increased significantly […]

Gaming Addicted Children at Higher Risk of Mental Health Issues

More than 200 million Americans play video games, accounting for over two-thirds of the population, with around 3 percent of these playing at a “pathological” level. Leftover stereotypes would have you believe that these are largely “geeky,” socially-inept teenage boys, but in fact, 47 percent of gamers are women and the most frequent game purchasers […]