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Sex: Not the Only Tech-Driven Behavioral Addiction

Sometimes sex addicts think they’re the only ones who struggle with an addiction driven by digital technology. Other times, sex addicts think that if they can control their sexual acting out, then they needn’t worry about anything else in terms of their online behaviors. Sadly, neither of these assumptions is true. There are numerous potentially […]

Levels of Sexual Excitement, Inhibition Help Predict Sex Addiction

Relative levels of sexual excitement and sexual inhibition help determine which individuals will develop symptoms of sex addiction, regardless of their sexual preferences or gender, according to recent findings published by a group of German researchers. Sex addiction is one of the most commonly used terms for a form of behavioral addiction also known as […]

Technology and Other Tools That Can Help You Track Down a Cheater

It’s not always easy to catch a cheater. You may have your suspicions that your spouse or significant other is stepping out on you, but finding actual evidence can be challenging if your partner is careful about covering his or her tracks. However, if you are determined to discover the truth about a suspected infidelity, […]

Sex Addiction Is Real and So Are Its Mental Health Consequences

Sex addiction is a controversial topic, but what all experts can agree on is that it can be a real problem for individuals and couples and that it is intertwined with mental health. Some experts see sex addiction as a genuine behavioral addiction, while others would categorize it as a mental illness. Many people have […]

Relationship Attachment Issues Linked to Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a form of non-substance-based addiction (behavioral addiction) characterized by life-impairing involvement in sexual activities and/or a damaging preoccupation with sex-related fantasies or thinking. Researchers across the world are exploring the underlying factors that may help explain the development of this condition. In a study published in October 2014 in the journal Sex […]

Ashley Madison Spouses Are Asking, ‘Can This Marriage Be Saved?’

The massive Ashley Madison data hack, which released identifying information of more than 30 million subscribers seeking extramarital partners, is severely testing countless marriages. The site’s motto is “Life is short. Have an affair,” but it could just as easily be “Life is short. Implode your marriage.”

Pornography Overuse, Addiction Impair Sexual Activity in Men

Overexposure to pornography and addiction to pornography can have a number of serious consequences. More and more men are finding that among those consequences is a loss of interest in sexual activity with real-life partners and often a lack of ability to perform during sexual encounters.