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Marijuana Risks and Effects

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Marijuana Risks We Shouldn’t Blow Off

April 20 is upon us, and if you have acquaintances who mark “4/20” on their calendars each year in anticipation of “Weed Day,” you’ve heard the mantra: “Marijuana is harmless.”

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10 Weirdest Pot Products

With medicinal marijuana legal in 25 states and recreational marijuana legal in four plus the District of Columbia, pot is becoming more and more mainstream. Entrepreneurs are now making the drug available in more than just blunts, bongs and brownies. Below, we take a look at some unusual cannabis products you may not yet know about.

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Today’s Marijuana More Potent than Ever

With marijuana now legal in several states for medical and recreational use, it becomes increasingly important to consider the higher-than-ever potency of today’s cannabis. Many critics of marijuana legalization cite health concerns and addiction rates, especially among young people, as the major issues with making this drug legal and readily available. Among the Hispanic population in the U.S., as with other racial groups, marijuana is the most used illicit substance. Understanding this drug’s changing potency and how it affects users is more important than ever.

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Harmful Effects of Marijuana Include COPD, Tumors

A large-scale study review from a group of German researchers highlights the broad range of physical health problems linked to long-term, habitual intake of marijuana and other forms of cannabis.

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Marijuana Linked to Increased Risk for Alcoholism, Problem Gambling

Marijuana/cannabis users have higher rates for alcohol use disorder and problem gambling than people who do not use the drug, a team of American and British researchers has found.

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Marijuana Legalization Is on the Rise: Does That Mean Pot Is Safe?

With Colorado and Washington taking the step to legalize marijuana for medical use, many wonder what this says about marijuana in general. Is it safer and better than we’ve believed? Is it something that we should all be doing? What should the legalization of marijuana mean to the individual?

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Surge in Hospitalizations Linked to Fake Pot in New York

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has issued a warning after more than 160 people in just nine days have been sent to emergency departments for adverse reactions to synthetic marijuana. The story highlights the dangers of the synthetic drugs, often known as “K2” or “spice,” which have been the subject of much scrutiny in recent years but are still causing problems across the country. The message is clear: just because it’s legal or appears to be natural doesn’t mean it’s safe.

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Marijuana Worsens Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

New findings by a team of British researchers point toward a substantial worsening of existing bipolar disorder symptoms in people who use various forms of the addictive, plant-based drug marijuana/cannabis.

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Alcoholism, Cannabis Use Disorder Go Hand-in-Hand

Alcohol use disorder and cannabis use disorder are frequently co-occurring or comorbid substance problems in both teenagers and adults, a group of U.S.-based researchers report.

Comorbid conditions are health problems that appear together in one person and cause more difficulties for that person than they would on their own. In a study published in January 2015 in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, researchers from the Oregon Research Institute looked for signs of overlap between alcohol use disorder and cannabis use disorder in men and women as they gradually move from adolescence to adulthood. These researchers concluded that the two substance-related issues are comorbid, although the closeness of their connection typically varies over time.

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Will Marijuana be Legalized in New York?

Now that four states and the District of Columbia have passed referendums legalizing marijuana, the obvious question is: who’s next?

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