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Feel Better, Drink Less with Deep Breathing

-Tori Rodriguez

The quest for well-being can be a lot of work, but it turns out there’s a quick and simple – and free – way to get a powerful health boost. Bonus: You’re doing it right now.

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Mindfulness in Recovery at The Ranch

Prayer and meditation have long been the underpinning of many fine addiction and mental health treatment programs. Due to the research that shows the efficacy of mindfulness in relieving a wide range of suffering, The Ranch has taken this a step further.

We have developed a program dedicated to training all clients in basic mindfulness skills. Beyond that, we have further training and opportunities for those clients interested in formal mindfulness practice as a primary support to their recovery.

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Posted in Trauma and PTSD

Meditation As a Part of PTSD Treatment

More than two million U.S. servicemen and women have been actively engaged in this country’s war against terrorism in either Afghanistan or Iraq. Until our complete withdrawal, that number grows, and until the last soldier gets home, they will continue to face highly stressful combat conditions. Already thousands have returned home only to continue battling against their own emotions. Anger, anxiety and depression are common struggles for returning soldiers.  Sometimes these emotions are so overpowering that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) develops.

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