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When Managing Chronic Pain Becomes Addiction

From back strains to sports injuries, chronic pain is surprisingly common. About 116 million Americans are estimated to struggle with chronic pain. While there are many ways to manage it, some individuals turn to drugs to relieve the discomfort. Unfortunately, this creates the potential for drug abuse and addiction and, ultimately, the need for drug […]

Mindfulness Therapy Can Reduce Opioid Use with Chronic Pain Patients

Over 30 percent of Americans are living with some form of chronic pain. Long-term pain is often treated with prescription opioids, which are synthetic drugs that produce pain numbing effects akin to morphine. They are called opioids because of their chemical similarity to morphine and other opiates. Using these powerful drugs long-term can lead to addiction, […]

High-Risk Use of Prescription Opioids Blamed for Deaths in Tennessee

High-risk drug/medication use is a term that describes a pattern of drug or medication intake that substantially increases the chances that a person will experience a seriously negative substance-related health outcome. In addition to diagnosable abuse or addiction, the most prominent potential negative outcome is overdose. In a study published in March 2014 in the […]