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Five Tips for Mindfulness Parenting in Recovery

Being a parent can be trying on a good day, crazy-making on a bad one. Even the wisest, most emotionally mature, fully actualized Zen master armed with every possible warm nurturing instinct can at some point drop the mantle of infinite calm and morph into the Incredible Hulk when dealing with rambunctious kids or surly […]

How Much to Tell Your Children When Your Spouse Commits Adultery

Any person who finds herself the victim of adultery has a number of painful decisions to make. Those decisions become even more numerous, painful and difficult when children are involved. In this situation, the question of whether to stay with the partner who cheated on you is not just about your well-being, but also about […]

Signs That Your Child Has an Eating Disorder

Experts do not have a definitive answer regarding precisely what causes eating disorders in children. They do, however, agree that there are things parents can do to catch the problem early.  Informed parents know how to spot the signs of distress and can act early to intervene before an eating disorder has time to take […]

Talking to Your Kids About Marijuana

Marijuana is in the news a lot these days, and it seems to be undergoing a social and cultural transformation. With more states legalizing medical marijuana, and now in unprecedented moves, two states completely decriminalizing it, pot has become a mainstay of public discourse. What has not changed is the fact that this is a […]

Parents Can Reduce Underage Drinking With the Right Approach

The consumption of alcohol has become something of a rite of passage for young men and women looking to make the transition into adulthood. Under the mistaken impression that drinking equates with maturity, adolescents frequently begin experimenting with alcohol in peer group settings, where violating taboos is often encouraged and supported. Teenage alcohol consumption has […]

When Your Teen Lies About Drug Use

As a parent, there is such a thing as overkill: hovering like a helicopter parent, restricting independence because you worry, never trusting your child. Being a good parent means finding a balance between trusting your child to make the right choices and keeping him safe from danger. Few things are scarier than the idea of […]