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Is Infidelity an Epidemic?

We would all like to think that we have a safe and happy marriage and that our spouse would never cheat. The scary fact is that statistics show infidelity is more likely than ever. Does this mean it has reached epidemic proportions? And if it has, what are the causes and consequences? There are no […]

How Many People Are In Your Relationship?

You meet the person of your dreams. Your heart pitter patters. Your brain becomes awash in rapidly rising levels of phenylethylamine, oxytocin and dopamine. You’re suddenly hit by cravings, the likes of which you might have only experienced when gripped by substances you’ve chosen to leave behind.

Can You Be in a Relationship While Dealing With Sex Addiction?

Given the nature of sex addiction, maintaining a relationship before or during recovery can seem nearly impossible. The National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity describes this disorder as “engaging in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behavior acted out despite increasing negative consequences to self and others.” These escalating behaviors can involve excessive use […]

Trauma Bonding in Addictive Relationships

Jay and Lea met like many couples do these days—on an Internet dating site. The two had a great deal in common, more even than they understood from the rampant get-to-know-you messages the two passed between them. Private messages soon turned into texting and video chatting, and eventually the pair decided to meet. Their attraction […]

When Addictions Overlap: The Fuzzy Boundaries between Love, Sex and Relationship Addiction

Addictions and people rarely follow textbook examples. In reality, people are a mix of instincts and urges born of unique hurts, experiences, backgrounds and genetic predispositions. It should not be surprising that there would be frequent overlap among addictions, especially in the categories of love, sex and relationships, which are so tightly and often inextricably […]

When Family Turns Their Backs on You

You have changed. You can feel it within every part of your being. Your soul cries out with a sense of peace you have never felt before. You are physically clean, spiritually pure, and emotionally healthy. You know you have a long road of sobriety still ahead of you but you believe it is something […]

Causes of Sexual Addiction Are Complex

Why do some people have an inability to control their use of online pornography, while others are unaffected? Why do some continue to have sexual encounters with multiple people, even when they know the consequences? The causes of sexual addiction are complex, but factors like history of addiction, biochemical problems, or a history of abuse […]

Women with Sexually Addicted Husbands Often Neglected for Treatment

In a situation few spouses openly address, many are suffering in silence as their partner lives with sexual addiction or a condition like intimacy anorexia. Both can mean deep physical and emotional deprivation with serious consequences for a spouse – but recovery is possible, with many experts continuing to emphasize the need for both partners […]