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Addiction in the Elderly

When most people think of an alcoholic or drug addict, they probably don’t think of an elderly person. The term “alcoholic” typically calls to mind a skid row bum sipping from a brown paper bag under a bridge or on a park bench, or a middle-aged person staggering out of a bar. The term “drug […]

Seniors and Problem Gambling: A Growing Addiction

Opportunities to gamble present themselves to all Americans of any age and from all walks of life. From gambling meccas like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, to local casinos and online gaming, gambling is available to nearly everyone. Some people, though, are targeted more often than others. Senior citizens, retirees with no day jobs and […]

Eating Disorders on the Rise Among Elderly Women

If you think that there are more commercials today devoted to anti-age spots, ant-wrinkle creams, physical fitness and low-fat food, you may be right.  While looking and feeling young may be a great thing, experts are telling us that our cultural fixation on agelessness is coming at a price.  More and more evidence is coming […]

Growing Trend of Addiction Among Boomers

It’s not a result of peer pressure. It’s not a result of experimenting for the first time. It’s not even just an excuse to get high. It’s the issues that are affecting those Americans age 50 and older. The faces of those greatly at risk of drug addiction have a few more wrinkles and gray […]

Survey Data Shows Elderly Drug Abuse is on The Rise

As we all know, the aging process takes a certain toll on the body. Knees hurt, joints ache, and overall performance of body systems diminish overtime. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many members of the aging population take prescription medications to keep pain in check.