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Tips to Help the Cheating-Inclined Stay Faithful

Following an affair, the partner who was cheated on is often not the only one who is worried about future infidelities. The partner who did the cheating may feel that he has learned his lesson and feels determined to never cheat again, but he may also recognize from experience how easily it can happen, even […]

Who Can Be a Sex Addict?

When we hear stories of sex addiction in the media and even in addiction literature, we frequently hear of a particular type of sex addict—a man, usually white, probably of middle or higher income.

Study Finds Similarities in Sex Addiction and Drug Addiction

Addiction is often measured, in part, by the impact it makes on a person’s quality of life. In instances of substance use, it can also be measured by intensity and frequency of use. In other behaviors, such as compulsive gambling, the behavior can also be measured in the frequency of the behavior. However, without any […]

Finding Self-Confidence After Sex Addiction

Jacob likes to say that his father was the only person in his family allowed to express emotion, although the only emotion he expressed was anger. If the paperboy missed the driveway, his father raged. If the pasta was overcooked, rage. If Jacob stuttered while trying to answer his father’s demanding questions, more rage. Rage […]

Female Sex Addicts: Using Sex for Power and Control

The second episode of the new thriller “Those Who Kill,” starring Chloë Sevigny as Catherine Jenson, peeled back a layer on the character behind this aggressive young homicide detective. We learned in the first episode that she is a woman who experienced abuse at the hands of her stepfather, a judge, and who is driven […]

The Link Between Sexual Shame and Addiction and Why It Should Be Addressed

As sex addiction expert and author Robert Weiss argues in PsychCentral, the connection between addiction and shame is well established. Those prone to addiction often feel ashamed of themselves; it’s an inward-facing criticism with the potential to lead to problems such as anxiety and depression, which in turn creates a desire to escape through the […]

Neurobiological Basis for Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity Finally Gets Validation, Says Renowned Addiction Expert

Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S, international addiction expert, speaker, author, clinician and founder of the Sexual Recovery Institute, embraces a new brain study by the University of Cambridge that provides powerful evidence that sex addiction is a legitimate neurobiological and emotional disorder.  Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 – In the most extensive brain study […]