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Women Abused as Children Twice as Likely to Suffer From Food Addiction

Food addiction is an unofficial term used to describe a relationship to food and eating that essentially mirrors the drug- or alcohol-related behaviors found in people affected by substance addictions. While the condition is not recognized by the highly influential American Psychiatric Association, significant evidence support its existence. According to the results of a new […]

Child Sexual Abuse as a Cause of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is a mental health disorder that sometimes occurs in the aftermath of situations that involve some type of violence or physical harm, or alternatively, situations that contain an imminent threat of violence or harm. Partly due to America’s continuous involvement in combat situations throughout the 2000s, many people associate PTSD with […]

A Timeline for Rape Recovery

Rape is a devastating trauma-a crisis-in one’s life. Regardless of the circumstances of a rape, it can take a long time to truly feel “better” again and move forward. Some people never move forward as they are unwilling or simply unable to process what happened to them. And, sadly, after feeling that they have healed […]

Treating Emotional Trauma in Drug Rehab

The term emotional trauma was once associated only with men who had lived through the ravages of war. In more recent years, the term has been expanded to include women and children and the detrimental effects of stressful events which lead to physical and/or emotional damage. Sexual or physical abuse and childhood neglect are common […]

Sexual Trauma Among Men in the Military

It is hard to estimate the number of military servicemen who have suffered from sexual trauma during active duty. Reliable statistics simply don’t exist. VA records show that one in every 100 male veterans treated by the VA reported being sexually traumatized by fellow servicemen during their military careers. Given that 18 million of the […]