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Levels of Sexual Excitement, Inhibition Help Predict Sex Addiction

Relative levels of sexual excitement and sexual inhibition help determine which individuals will develop symptoms of sex addiction, regardless of their sexual preferences or gender, according to recent findings published by a group of German researchers. Sex addiction is one of the most commonly used terms for a form of behavioral addiction also known as […]

Don’t Worry About Whether Sex Addiction Is ‘Real’—Just Get Help

There is a debate raging about whether sexual addiction is a “real” addiction. Skeptics say that there is little peer-reviewed scientific evidence in support of sex addiction and that some evidence actually contradicts the existence of sexual addiction. The official authority on psychological disorders—the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders—has so far rejected appeals […]

When Are Recovering Sex Addicts Ready for Relationships?

Sex addiction, at base, is an intimacy disorder. And “intimacy,” according to Linda Hatch, Ph.D., sex addiction expert and therapist, “is the ability to be real with another person.” This might seem like a simple thing, but any addict, not just those who experience sexual compulsion, is a person who struggles with being real, (i.e., […]

The Link Between Sexual Shame and Addiction and Why It Should Be Addressed

As sex addiction expert and author Robert Weiss argues in PsychCentral, the connection between addiction and shame is well established. Those prone to addiction often feel ashamed of themselves; it’s an inward-facing criticism with the potential to lead to problems such as anxiety and depression, which in turn creates a desire to escape through the […]

Getting Real in Recovery

Hannah had been in active recovery for nearly four years before she had her first big breakthrough. She landed in treatment for love and sex addiction and had learned through the benefit of personal work and the love and support of an SLAA community of accepting, non-judgmental friends that sometimes recovery is an awkward waltz: […]

When Addictions Overlap: The Fuzzy Boundaries between Love, Sex and Relationship Addiction

Addictions and people rarely follow textbook examples. In reality, people are a mix of instincts and urges born of unique hurts, experiences, backgrounds and genetic predispositions. It should not be surprising that there would be frequent overlap among addictions, especially in the categories of love, sex and relationships, which are so tightly and often inextricably […]