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Awake and Addicted: Insomnia Impedes Recovery

Insomnia is a persistent problem for many people in recovery from addiction and may lead to an increased risk of relapse, a new study by researchers from Stanford University and the University of San Francisco finds.

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Putting Sleep Disorders to Bed: New Way to Improve Internal Clock Function

Sleep disturbance is a general term doctors use to describe anything that disrupts a person’s ability to sleep long or well enough to get adequate rest in preparation for his or her waking hours. Mental health conditions associated with the presence of significant disruptions in normal sleeping patterns include depression, Parkinson’s disease and a group of ailments known collectively as circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorder. According to the results of a study published in August 2013 in the journal Neuron, the sleep disturbances associated with these conditions apparently stem from a specific problem with the body’s circadian rhythms, a built-in clock-like system that provides the proper orientation to daytime and nighttime.  Eventually, this understanding may help improve treatment of a range of mental health problems.

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