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How to Help a Suicidal Recovering Addict

One of the biggest risk factors for suicide is substance abuse. It may seem like an addict who has gotten help, gone through rehab and is in recovery would be safe from suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, the addict in recovery still has a long and tough road ahead, and suicide is still a risk. If you […]

Feelings of Defeat, Entrapment Predict Suicide Risk in PTSD Sufferers

A team of British researchers has concluded that the presence of two related emotions—defeat and entrapment—is a prominent source of suicidal risk in post-traumatic stress disorder patients. People affected by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have heightened chances of thinking about suicide and making suicide attempts. This fact holds true even when the impact of co-existing […]

Is Suicide Selfish?

A frequent response to suicide is to call the act of ending one’s life selfish. A person who commits suicide, this line of reasoning goes, only ultimately cares about him or herself at the expense of family and friends who are left to grieve in the wake of a horrible tragedy. By the same logic, […]

Vigorous Exercise, Team Sports Can Guard Teens Against Suicide

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among teenagers in the U.S., ranking only behind accidental death and homicide. While any teenager can develop suicidal tendencies, certain individuals have higher risks than others. Current evidence indicates that regular participation in exercise or organized sports can significantly reduce an adolescent’s chances of thinking about […]