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A Typical Day


Your day begins at 6:30 am. You’ll get ready for the day and attend to any morning chores like making your bed. You and your housemates will make a healthy breakfast and then you’ll have daily meditation at 8 am followed by Big Book or 12-step groups and exercises. Next you’ll engage in recreational fitness like adventure therapy, ropes course, rock climbing or gym time with guidance from our certified recreational therapists. We also offer weekly trauma resolution groups for those suffering from the effects of PTSD or unresolved trauma. Group therapy follows recreational time.


You’ll return to your house for lunch at noon. Your afternoons will be filled with a variety of one-hour groups and activities beginning at 1 pm. The groups you attend will depend on your program and specific issues. Groups cover a variety of topics, including life story reflections, intimacy issues, professionals group, expressive therapy, spirituality, recovery goals, relapse prevention, peer assessments and feedback, anger management, life skills, co-occurring mental health issues and recreational therapy.


In the evenings you’ll prepare and eat dinner with your housemates and work on recovery assignments from your groups or primary counselor. Every evening you’ll attend 12-step meetings on campus at 7:30 pm. After 12-step support meetings you may attend special groups that focus on a certain Step and have time with our clinical assistants and nurses. Lights out at 10:30 pm.


On weekends, you’ll engage in various groups and activities. You’ll also have opportunities to attend chapel services, participate in outdoor and indoor recreation, and have visitors as clinically appropriate.