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Sex addicts engage in all types of sexual activities. The quest for experiences to get them sexually aroused escalates over time. It may begin with sexual fantasies, porn addiction and masturbation and can lead to liaisons with sex workers and multiple extramarital affairs. The sexual compulsions are usually acted out in secret, hidden from family and friends. The sex addict continually engages in sexually explicit and sometimes illicit behaviors, despite negative consequences.

Eventually, the pursuit of sex becomes more important than family, career and personal health and safety. As sexual preoccupation increases in terms of energy and time, the addicted person may become overwhelmed by feelings of shame, denial, despair and confusion. Often they arrive at a point where they realize they need treatment for sex addiction but they are not sure how to begin.

Our compassionate staff at the sex addiction treatment center at The Ranch can help. We treat a range of addictive behaviors such as sex addiction, porn addiction and sexual dependency on sex workers or cybersex.

What to Expect in Sex Addiction Treatment

The mental health professionals at The Ranch will start by evaluating your physical and emotional health. We’ll also assess whether you’re struggling with any co-occurring disorders. Sex addiction can be as serious as drug abuse and many people with sex addiction have other addictive behaviors. Some people with sex addiction have obsessive compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. When sex addicts are also substance abusers we can treat both sex addiction and drug addiction at The Ranch.

Sexual health is also an important aspect of treatment. Some sex addicts have direct sexual contact and are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV, chlamydia and genital warts. Treatment of sexual addiction at The Ranch will include medical support as well as education about sexually transmitted diseases.

Getting to the Heart of the Problem

The causes of sexual addictions are not fully understood. A crucial part of treatment for sexual addiction is exploring the childhood trauma that may have led to this type of sexual dysfunction.

Abuse, neglect and other forms of trauma during childhood are often at the root of sex addiction. Early traumatic experiences such as being sexually abused can lead to a deep-rooted sense of unworthiness. Sexual addiction, just like other addictive behaviors, is an effort to block or numb painful feelings. Other potential contributing factors include:

  • Inconsistent parental nurturing and support
  • Lack of parental role modeling of healthy, adaptive behaviors
  • Early exposure to sexual material or experiences

Once you are in our treatment facility with supportive staff you can begin to safely explore these early experiences. We offer many types of therapies in treatment of sexual addiction such as cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma therapy. Treatment is designed to help you:

  • Identify triggers to help prevent relapse
  • Develop healthier coping skills to manage urges
  • Work through shame and discover you are worthy of healthy, loving relationships

Family Program to Help Repair Relationships

Sexual desire is normal. But sex addiction involves compulsive behaviors that are not healthy. The pattern of sexual fantasy and behavior affects social, financial, occupational or other important areas of your life. People addicted to sex often manipulate, deceive and have a need to control sexual partners. Despite the many negative repercussions, addicted individuals cannot stop.

At The Ranch, you’ll learn about these compulsions and develop tools to cope with them. This way, you can begin to repair broken relationships and build healthy self-esteem.

Spouses and families often need help healing from the numerous ways they have been hurt. Whether it is a wife who discovers her husband is having multiple affairs or a husband finding out that his wife is compulsively using pornography, there are many issues that must be dealt with. One of the first steps is for the sex addict to admit how they have acted out their compulsions and own them. We also give loved ones a safe space to share how they feel and how they have been injured. This is not always easy but it is an important part of healing relationships.

Group Counseling with Peers

Sex addicts often live with a great deal of shame. One of the most powerful aspects of our treatment of sexual addiction is the camaraderie between people going through similar experiences. Many people begin building their supportive, sober community at The Ranch and maintain those bonds after treatment.

Prevent Sex Addiction Relapse

Relapse prevention skills are an important part of residential treatment. We make sure you leave here prepared to navigate life outside treatment. You’ll learn about resources in your community. We’ll also work with you to create a relapse prevention plan that may include an outpatient program and 12-step programs. The friends you make in rehab will be part of your sober community when you leave. We help you develop self-care skills so you can maintain your sobriety long-term.

Take the First Step Toward Healing

Our compassionate therapists can lead you through the darkest days of addiction to a new chance for healing. When you choose The Ranch sex addiction treatment program, you are choosing a chance for happiness. Call The Ranch treatment centers today: 844-876-7680.

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