Couples Sexual Addiction Recovery Program | The Ranch

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The Ranch treatment center offers a weekend workshop for spouses and partners of clients in our sexual addiction recovery program. The program is open to all spouses and partners (as clinically appropriate) regardless of their current relationship status.

Our three-day workshop introduces partners to resources for healing and support. The program includes psychoeducational and experiential activities for rebuilding trust and reconnection. Couples explore their relationship boundaries, control issues and communication skills while working with therapists specially trained in relationship issues, trauma, sex addiction and intimacy disorders.

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Treatment may include:

  • Couples therapy session with primary therapist
  • Small process groups that allow for safe disclosure of intimate information
  • Partner groups
  • Creation of a genogram exploring generational family addictions, issues and characteristics
  • Regret/request/appreciation work through interactive dialogue that fosters healing
  • Psychoeducation
  • Metaphorical work with nature
  • Low ropes course and other trust-building exercises
  • Equine therapy (with or without partner)
  • Native American talking circle
  • Experiential work

Goals of the couples workshop include:

  • More balanced interaction and improved communication
  • Hope for both the client and partner that they can rebuild trust in themselves and their relationship, if desired
  • Exploration of relationship boundaries and control issues
  • Preparation for challenges both client and partner will face after treatment
  • Creating a metaphorical safety net for both client and partner

Our workshop team typically includes an associate sex addiction therapist as workshop facilitator as well as an equine therapist, adventure therapist, case managers and other specially trained staff. The couples workshop occurs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in two and three week intervals. Clients’ loved ones may also attend The Ranch family program, but must first take part in our sex addiction recovery couples workshop weekend. Call 844-876-7680 now to learn more about our weekend workshop for spouses and partners.