Women in College Struggle with Eating Disorders

College is a time of transition for young people, and is often a time when eating disorders emerge for young women. Away from home and the normal structures of family meals, undergraduate women often find ample opportunities to compare themselves to others. For some, disordered eating patterns can develop. An article on MarketWatch highlights the struggles that women face in their college years and one school that is offering help to its students. The article reports that one survey revealed that 91 percent of female students had used dieting to control their weight and 22 percent identified themselves as “always” or “often” dieting. An eating disorder treatment center is teaming up with The College of New Jersey to give students tools to understand the dangers, warning signs and factors that lead to eating disorders. The events will include a panel discussion called, “Lovin’ the Body You’re In,” focused on topics such as body ideals and the obsession with the thin ideal. Following the panel discussion, there will be a candlelight vigil and a moment of silence. The coordinators of the events hope that those who attend will gain a better understanding of what constitutes unhealthy eating behavior pattern and learn to recognize the early warning signs of an eating disorder.

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