About The Ranch Tennessee

About the Ranch TN rehab center nashville tnWhat sets the Ranch TN apart from other mental health treatment centers? At our flagship location in Nunnelly, TN, our multidisciplinary clinical team believes that everyone who comes to our beautiful facility has the chance to achieve a brighter future. Our primary mental health center helps clients overcome mental health disorders, compulsive behaviors, and various addictions. In essence, we also teach them that a better life awaits them following treatment.

Our Philosophy

At The Ranch TN, we believe that the first step to a new life is seeking help. Once clients come to our treatment center with a commitment to change, we create an engaging, customized treatment plan featuring evidence-based therapies and beneficial activities.

Of course, recovery won’t happen overnight. Learning how to transform negative thoughts and behaviors takes time. Therefore, The Ranch Tennessee offers a full continuum of care to ensure clients receive the comprehensive treatment necessary to foster change.

The Ranch Believes:

  • Treat people as a whole
  • No two people are the same
  • People often do bad things and don’t realize it because of their past
  • People can heal given the proper care
  • Anyone can receive help if they desire

About The Ranch Tennessee

While evidence-based therapy programs provide the groundwork for change, The Ranch TN focuses on making the treatment experience beneficial for clients on multiple fronts. Our flagship mental health treatment center in Nunnelly, TN, offers a scenic environment tucked away in Central Tennessee’s gorgeous woodlands and rolling hills. Within this beautiful and serene environment, clients also gain access to a range of holistic modalities. For example, equine therapy gives individuals the chance to interact with and care for horses on our ranch.

Additionally, based on our dedication to providing high-quality care, we’ve gained numerous recognitions and accreditations with various healthcare organizations. Some of them include:

The Ranch TN Offers

  • An environment that nurtures healing and self-discovery
  • Personalized care that respects individuality
  • Holistic treatment that addresses the whole person
  • Skilled, passionate professionals as guides

About The Ranch Tennessee Programs

The Ranch TN offers both gender-specific and condition-specific housing. For example, some of our offerings include:

If you’re struggling to regain control of your life, then now is the time to initiate change. To learn more about The Ranch TN, call 1.844.876.7680.

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