thin woman hesitating to eat a cucumber slice representing the connection between abuse, trauma, and eating disorders

Connection Between Abuse, Trauma, and Eating Disorders

Individuals who have suffered trauma and subsequently, post-traumatic stress disorder, struggle with many different symptoms. Victims are often impaired socially and struggle with nightmares, excessive anger, and flashbacks. The connection between abuse, trauma, and eating disorder complicates lasting recovery. Reach out to a mental health treatment center in Pennsylvania if you or a loved one…

woman with her hand on her face crying as her sister comforts her during therapy for trauma and co-dependency

Trauma and Co-Dependency

When dealing with a codependent relationship, it’s crucial to look at how it began and what factors created it. Trauma and co-dependency frequently go hand-in-hand with childhood trauma causing codependent symptoms in later life. But what can you do about it? To understand the causes of trauma and co-dependency, discuss your concerns with a compassionate…

therapist with hand on client to promote healing through individual therapy at the ranch

Individual Therapy at The Ranch

Our clients meet at a minimum weekly with their primary therapist for individual therapy at The Ranch. Our individual therapy sessions in Tennessee are designed to give each client the opportunity to explore painful issues; they may not yet be ready to work on in traditional group therapy. Specialized Individual Therapy at The Ranch In…

therapist working with families while patients are in treatment for mom dad and sister

Working with Families While Patients are in Treatment

Addiction impacts the entire family system. The addict typically experiences feelings of despair, hopelessness, guilt, shame, loneliness, and worthlessness. The family also experiences similar feelings. Families may have increased anxiety, loss of their own identity, diminished work functioning, isolation, and an overall decrease in life satisfaction. Working with families while patients are in treatment is…

woman petting a horse during equine assisted psychotherapy in Tennessee

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: The Magic of Horses

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is one of the fastest-growing segments in the mental health field. EAP has proven to be an extremely effective form of therapy that can be implemented in tandem with other more traditional modes of therapy. Learn more about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in Tennessee. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Unlike traditional therapies, Equine Assisted…

woman's reflection in table looking at baggy of meth thinking about suicide and meth use

Suicide and Meth Use

Methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth or just meth, is a highly addictive and extremely damaging drug of abuse. Many people have become dependent on it and too many have died as a result. The physical effects of this drug can lead to fatalities, but the truly troubling side effects are psychological, leading to the…

father drinking alcohol while mother smokes marijuana as their child stares showing the effects of parent drug abuse on young children

Effects of Parent Drug Abuse on Young Children

The effects of parent drug abuse on young children, ages 6 to 12 and younger, are detrimental and lasting. Young children with parents using drugs may experience traumas including abuse or neglect. They may see things that traumatize them or that are hard to understand. They may feel unloved, hurt and frightened. Traumatic events, neglect,…

young girl trying to stop her father opening a bottle of wine needing to help yourself when you love an addict

Seven Ways to Help Yourself When You Love an Addict

Loving an addict can feel like you’re on a perpetual rollercoaster of emotions — anger, sadness, hate, love, fear, relief, guilt, disbelief — sometimes experiencing all within mere moments. It’s not surprising that research shows loved ones of addicted individuals suffer from increased stress, depression and poorer overall well-being. As much as our addicted loved…