Grandmother talking with teens about drugs and alcohol and the harm of addiction

The Grandparent’s Guide to Talking With Teens About Drugs

When addiction runs in the family, you want to be proactive in talking with teens about drugs and what it means for them, but you may not know how to go about it. Today’s blog is a compilation of tips: the grandparent’s guide to talking with teens about drugs.   In many families and cultures…

Woman doomscrolling on her phone, worried about social media and mental health

How Does Social Media Play a Role in Mental Health?

Online social media sites allow people to connect with one another, both benefiting their mental health and adding yet another arena for challenges to arise. The concept of social networking plays on the basic need of human beings to stay together in groups and form a community to survive. As the technology developed to support…

Family eating for nutrition and mental wellness

Recovery Habits: Eating for Mental Wellness

Today’s idea of eating for mental wellness represents a much different facet of health than we grew up with. In school, it was common for people to receive lessons about food groups and the importance of eating a balanced diet. However, for many, those lessons never materialized into actual practice.  From a young age, we…

Woman changing her diet in early recovery

Your Diet In Early Recovery

A well-balanced, healthy diet is vital for good nutrition and excellent health, especially for those in early recovery. Misusing alcohol and drugs can contribute to nutritional deficiencies, so adhering to a healthy diet in recovery can be especially essential to restoring quality of life when receiving treatment and recovering from addiction. Eating foods with little…

Woman working aa step 4 in addiction treatment

How to Work AA Step 4

Working through any 12-step program can be not only life-changing but, more commonly—life-saving. The twelve steps, combined with a supportive treatment environment, can be the catalyst you need to change your life completely. You may already be familiar with steps one through three: admitting that we are powerless and our lives unmanageable, believing in a…

People meditating in the sun

Natural Ways to Fight Depression Symptoms

Depression was already a global issue before the COVID-19 pandemic, but now more than ever, we’ve seen a rise in all types of depression. People diagnosed with some form of depression are hopefully already in conversation about their feelings with their medical or mental health practitioner However, you may still be looking for natural ways…