person standing against wall wondering are edibles addictive

Are Edibles Addictive?

Addiction treatment programs have seen a significant increase in the number of individuals seeking help for substance use disorders. One of the substances that have become a topic of discussion is edibles. Edibles are food items that contain cannabis, which is used for recreational or medicinal purposes. With edibles becoming more popular, the question arises: […]

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person smoking in dark place while wondering what is crossfading

What Is Crossfading?

For those struggling with addiction, it can be hard to imagine life without substance use. However, with the right support and resources, recovery is possible.One dangerous trend among individuals seeking to intensify the effects of alcohol and marijuana (or other substances) is crossfading. What is crossfading? What are the dangers associated with it? Finding answers

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person with head and forearms pressed against wall wondering if weed can kill you

Can Weed Kill You?

As marijuana gains broader acceptance and legalization in many parts of the world, there remains a persistent question: Can weed kill you? While many people view marijuana as a harmless substance, there are still those who believe that its use can have negative and even potentially deadly consequences. Exploring the risks associated with marijuana use

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Woman wondering, "Does weed make bipolar worse?"

Does Weed Make Bipolar Worse?

It’s a fair question: does weed make bipolar worse? New findings by a team of British researchers point toward a substantial worsening of existing bipolar disorder symptoms in people who use various forms of the addictive, plant-based drug marijuana/cannabis. People who consume marijuana or other forms of cannabis may have increased risks of developing serious

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