Men’s Sexual Recovery Program

Alignright Size Medium Wp Image 980Getting sex addiction help is the first step in rebuilding important relationships in your life. At The Ranch Tennessee, we use evidence-based therapeutic approaches to help men thrive in their relationships and create a solid ground for healing and hope. 

Set in the sprawling campus, men seeking sex addiction help will find hope and connection through the Men’s Sexual Recovery Program at The Ranch Tennessee. 

Sex and Love Addiction in Men

Men living with sex addiction tend to act out in ways that damage themselves, their sexual partners and their loved ones. Whether addicted to affairs, prostitutes, casual hook-ups or solo masturbation with porn, men living with sex addiction tend to neglect life commitments or personal responsibilities in order to search for sex. Some use the intensity of sex, romance or porn in a misguided attempt to feel powerful or desired, or as a means of distraction, reward or escape.

At The Ranch, our experienced treatment team not only provides the tools needed to eliminate concerning sexual behaviors, but we also encourage clients to “dig deeper” to answer questions like: Why do I have this problem? How can I love someone so much and yet hurt them at the same time? Why do I keep repeating the same problem behaviors over and over again?

Characteristic concerns expressed by our male clients include:

  • Using people for sex without regard to the consequences
  • Thinking that sex or romance = love
  • Living a double life of sexual lies and broken promises
  • Persistent fear of being found out, contracting a disease or losing loved ones
  • Using seduction, sex or money to attract and hold onto relationships
  • Multiple extramarital affairs
  • Compulsive masturbation with or without pornography
  • Being sexually inappropriate with co-workers or clients
  • Being sexual in high-risk locations and/or risky situations

What is the Men’s Sexual Recovery Program at The Ranch?

The Sexual Recovery Program at The Ranch is one of the nation’s leading residential sex addiction rehab centers in the nation. The program works in sponsorship with the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). We provide state-of-the-art, highly structured and evidence-based sex addiction help in a male-only environment. Our men’s Sexual Recovery Program is located on a secluded campus outside Nashville, Tennessee.

At The Ranch Tennessee, the Sexual Recovery Program focuses solely on sex and love addiction and problematic pornography addiction. The program also treats co-occurring disorders such as substance use, depression and anxiety. 

Get Sex Addiction Help through Health, Hope and Connection

What makes The Ranch Tennesee sex addiction rehab unique is that clients can expect their sex addiction recovery to be the program’s primary focus. Clients also build strong relationships with peers experiencing the same set of struggles in sex addiction recovery. 

Individuals are housed in a private, peaceful setting exclusive to the Sexual Recovery Program clients only. 

What to Expect in our Men’s Sexual Recovery Program

The six-week program utilizes Patrick Carnes’ Sexual Dependence Inventory (SDI) model. This model aims to break denial, define sobriety and identify the negative consequences of past behaviors. 

Clients learn mindfulness practices and coping tools to help manage their compulsive thoughts to prevent relapse. The Sexual Recovery Program also focuses on repairing personal connections by uncovering the root of damaging behaviors and addressing underlying traumas. 

Our sex addiction recovery program also includes:

  • Men’s trauma-focused therapies and EMDR
  • 24-hour onsite monitoring by residential staff
  • Daily group therapy with peers
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions
  • Weekly experiential therapy days include adventure therapy, equine therapy and art therapy

Through health, hope, and connection, clients will find the core of their struggles and better understand their compulsive behaviors towards sex and love. 

Sex Addiction Recovery and Family Therapy

The truth is that sex addiction can harm important relationships. Partners who experience the shock of finding out their spouse has been engaging in extramarital activities due to their addiction often feel traumatized by the experience. Receiving the best sex addiction help can heal those broken bonds between partnerships and family so everyone can heal. 

The Sexual Recovery Program provides the opportunity to reconnect with partners through family education and therapy. These therapy sessions aim to help instill a level of trust and empathy back into the relationships. 

The Alumni Program with The Ranch Tennessee

The men’s sex addiction rehab has a strong commitment to creating the best path towards reintegrating clients back into everyday life. Through detailed post-treatment planning, clients are provided with the tools to work through their compulsive sexual behaviors. Clients also remain deeply connected to both staff and peers after treatment. 

Alumni members take part in weekly group check-ins to help maintain fellowship with peers. No matter what life looks like after treatment, The Sexual Recovery Program and The Ranch are here to offer a safe, supportive space.

Get Specialized Sex Addiction Help

When you think, “what are my options for sex addiction help near me?” look no further than the Sexual Recovery Program at The Ranch Tennessee. Let us help you or your loved one find the path back to health, hope and connection. Sexual addiction, love addiction or problematic pornography addiction doesn’t have to define you or your relationships. Call us today to discuss the best sex addiction recovery options for you.

The call is free and confidential: 1.844.876.7680

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