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man meditates during treatment at an adhd treatment centerADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a common issue, especially among youth. According to a National Health Survey, an estimated 8.4% of children from 3 to 17 years old had ADHD. Research indicates that an estimated 2.5% of adults have ADHD. An ADHD treatment center can help when ADHD symptoms become disruptive in your day-to-day life. Comprehensive treatment helps each individual build coping skills they will need for long-term management of their symptoms. Research also shows that people with ADHD are significantly more likely to have substance use disorders than the general population. Effective ADHD and addiction treatment will address the self-medicating nature of substance abuse and ensure mental health issues are being properly managed with medication (as clinically appropriate) and research-backed behavioral therapies.

Addiction and ADHD

People with co-occurring mental health issues and substance use disorders require specialized treatment that addresses both of these difficulties. One of the challenges of treating people with both ADHD and a substance use disorder is the inherent addictive tendencies of the individual and the use of psychostimulants to treat ADHD. People with substance use issues may abuse the very medication that is being prescribed to help them. At the same time, studies show that untreated ADHD can compromise an individual’s ability to effectively engage in and benefit from addiction treatment. Therefore, any treatment for co-occurring ADHD and any drug or alcohol addiction must first relieve the most severe ADHD symptoms. Then, an ADHD therapy program continues alongside evidence-based targeted addiction therapies. Thus, each individual receives comprehensive care that provides for their needs in the long term. Controlled substances like Ritalin and Adderall, which are stimulants, are often used to treat ADHD. At The Ranch, we take an abstinence-based approach to treating addictions and mental health disorders. Our medical team prescribes research-backed, non-stimulant, non-controlled medications as appropriate to manage ADHD symptoms. Treating individuals with non-controlled medications helps curtail possible abuse of prescription meds that is a risk factor for addicted individuals and those in recovery.

ADHD Therapy Programs

We combine pharmacological therapies with evidence-based behavioral therapies and mindfulness approaches to treat clients with co-occurring disorders, especially ADHD. Our experienced medical team works closely with clients to treat ADHD symptoms with effective, research-backed medications. Clients also engage in a variety of therapeutic modalities chosen for their individual needs. Therapy can help each person express their stresses, frustrations and anxieties, so they can work on a solution. During an ADHD therapy program, our therapists and counselors help clients better manage thinking patterns and behaviors, address underlying trauma, and develop resiliency and healthy coping skills. These therapies can include:

Contact the ADHD Treatment Center at The Ranch

If you or a loved one are suffering from debilitating ADHD symptoms, reach out to The Ranch today. The professionals at our ADHD treatment center can help you discover long-term coping skills so you can take back your life. Call The Ranch today at 1.844.876.7680.

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