Women’s Rehab Center Program

Recovery Ranch TN features gender-specific living quarters, including our women’s rehab center program. This supports the specific needs of women who come to us for help with substance abuse disorders. Learn more about our women’s rehab center program in TN and whether it might be a good fit for you or someone you love.

Womens Rehab Center Program, group of women sitting in circle talkingHow Women Live with Addiction

There are many benefits to our women’s rehab center program in TN including addiction therapy programs in Nashville. Often, men and women think and feel differently. Thus, our evidence-based therapies helps women focus on healing without distractions.

Here are some of the specific challenges women face when dealing with substance abuse disorder:

  • Women are more likely to self-medicate using illicit substances
  • Also, women are more likely to overdose as a result of substance abuse disorder
  • Women are likely to get more intense cravings which can jeopardize long-term recovery
  • They are more likely to become dependent on substances they abuse


Many women who have faced trauma in their past turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate the associated pain. Frequently, these women were never given the tools to deal with stress and pain in a healthy way. Therefore, they may turn to substance abuse as a way to numb the pain without the help of women’s drug and alcohol rehab programs.

To optimize your chance for a sustainable recovery, therapists and counselors help you develop the tools to cope with stressful situations without relapsing. Furthermore, through the help of holistic and evidence-based programs in TN, you can step toward a life of productivity and peace without relying on illicit substances.

Overcoming Gender-based Barriers in a Women’s Rehab Center Program

When it comes to recovering from substance abuse disorder, gender impacts the effectivity of psychological and behavioral therapy approaches. But women may face a steeper curve on the road to recovery.

The Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment reports that more women drop out of treatment programs in excess of 30 days. This may be related to the family dynamic, with more women taking responsibility for children and other family members. Feelings of guilt and responsibility cause women to leave rehab earlier than men.

Our women’s rehab center program in TN focuses on keeping women engaged throughout the recovery process to have the best opportunity for lifelong recovery.

Through individual and group therapy as well as an experiential therapy program in Nashville, you stay engaged in our residential rehab or intensive outpatient rehab program. We’ve designed these programs to treat the mind, body, and spirit. For instance, some of the diverse programs offered at our women’s rehab center program include:

Family Therapy

Addictions can become the central focus of your life when you’re suffering from substance abuse disorder. Therefore, we take a comprehensive mental health and drug rehabilitation approach during the women’s rehab center program. This includes family support as part of your recovery therapy.

In the women’s drug and alcohol rehab program, both you and your loved ones learn the causes of illness and receive guidance to talk through issues. We believe that healing the whole family is crucial to the sustainability of your recovery. That’s why we give you the best tools possible to prevent a relapse after you leave our women’s drug addiction program.

Drug Addiction Treatment Aftercare

Aftercare planning helps you sustain your recovery once you leave the center. Examples include:

  • Making appointments with therapists and medical professionals
  • Transitioning to a sober-living residence
  • Commitment to groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Support groups for mental health disorders

Contact the Recovery Ranch TN at 1.844.876.7680 to find out more about our women’s rehab center program and how it can help you return to sober living and productive life.

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