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The Ranch

At The Ranch, we help our clients heal from the devastating effects of addiction, compulsive behaviors and mental health disorders. Clients reconnect with their authentic selves and begin building fulfilling lives in recovery.

A better life is waiting. We can help.

You have the power to say, “This is not how my story will end.” - Christine Mason Miller

Our Locations

The Ranch has three locations: The Ranch Tennessee, The Ranch Pennsylvania and The Ranch Mississippi. Each campus offers home-like living environments and stunning backdrops — from the rolling hills of Tennessee to the majestic Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania to the towering pines and oaks of Mississippi.

Programs We Offer

We treat a wide range of addictions and mental health disorders. A blend of evidence-based traditional therapies and alternative and experiential approaches gives our clients a personalized treatment experience that targets their individual needs. We help clients address underlying issues like trauma that contribute to destructive behaviors so they can heal fully.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Depression & Anxiety Treatment

Eating Disorder Treatment

Sex Addiction & Intimacy Disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Process Addictions

Personality Disorders

Trauma & PTSD Treatment

Our Staff

Our world-class staff brings decades of experience treating substance abuse, mental health disorders and other challenges that hold clients hostage. Our compassionate approach to treatment allows clients to fully explore their struggles in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment.