Police officer approaching vehicle of drunk driver to illustrate the difference between DUI vs DWI

DUI vs. DWI: The Critical Differences

Driving under the influence threatens safety and presents legal challenges if it culminates in arrest. Many people need clarification about the differences between DUI and DWI and under what circumstances law enforcement issue these penalties. Thoroughly examining the nuances of DUI versus DWI is critical to understanding your legal case or that of a loved …

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Man looking out of window thinking about the connection between mental disorders and drinking

How Mental Disorders Affect Drinking Behaviors

There is a definite correlation between mental disorders and drinking. The connection between the two is apparent in how various mental health issues influence how someone uses alcohol. Those with psychological conditions often have an increased risk of developing a drinking problem. It is known as “dual diagnosis” or “co-occurring disorders” when this happens. Recovery Ranch …

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Person pensively looking out window contemplating alcoholism and eating disorders

Alcoholism and Eating Disorders

Alcoholism and eating disorders affect millions of people throughout the U.S. Alcoholism is a chronic and progressive issue characterized by continued drinking despite its negative consequences. An eating disorder is a mental health condition in which individuals engage in dangerous and unhealthy behaviors related to food consumption. More and more frequently, alcoholism and eating disorders appear …

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a woman in bed looks sad after pondering women's alcohol abuse

Are Women’s Lifespans Shortened by Alcohol Abuse?

A recent study highlights the more significant risks incurred by women who over-drink, compared to men and even to other non-drinking women. In short, women’s alcohol abuse can have more drastically severe consequences than men’s.At Recovery Ranch, we believe women should always be supported in their journey to overcoming addiction. We understand that each person’s …

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