Eating Disorders

Concerned man looking out window contemplating the question what is process addiction

What Is a Process Addiction?

Though most people are familiar with substance use disorders, process addiction is unfamiliar to many. A process addiction is a compulsion to engage in a specific activity, no matter how much it adversely affects a person’s ability to stay healthy and functional. Individuals might feel a high from engaging in the behavior and experience guilt …

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Person pensively looking out window contemplating alcoholism and eating disorders

Alcoholism and Eating Disorders

Alcoholism and eating disorders affect millions of people throughout the U.S. Alcoholism is a chronic and progressive issue characterized by continued drinking despite its negative consequences. An eating disorder is a mental health condition in which individuals engage in dangerous and unhealthy behaviors related to food consumption. More and more frequently, alcoholism and eating disorders appear …

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a person pets a horse during equine therapy for eating disorders

Ways Equine Therapy Can Help Eating Disorder Healing

Can spending time with a horse help release some of the core issues associated with eating disorders? Equine therapy has been used successfully for substance use disorders and may soon enter the field of eating disorder treatments with a strong presence. People with eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder have learned to …

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Hands in heart shape with food in background, prompting healthy relationship with food

Building a Healthy Relationship with Food

Understanding Your Relationship with Food for Healthy Mental Wellbeing To eat in a way that’s considered acceptable by society’s latest diet trends, and in their pursuit of building a healthy relationship with food, many people end up obsessing about what they put on their plates. Constantly bombarded with television and social media messages about dieting …

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Woman at the fridge experiencing sugar cravings in her recovery process

Sugar Cravings in the Recovery Process

The recovery process is full of temptation: from sugar cravings that threaten to derail your efforts towards physical health to the monumental urges that threaten to steal your sobriety. Anyone taking on the task of recovery should be aware of these threats to the recovery process, no matter how big or small.In addition to knowing …

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Family eating for nutrition and mental wellness

Recovery Habits: Eating for Mental Wellness

Today’s idea of eating for mental wellness represents a much different facet of health than we grew up with. In school, it was common for people to receive lessons about food groups and the importance of eating a balanced diet. However, for many, those lessons never materialized into actual practice. From a young age, we may …

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12 Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes

Battling through an eating disorder is immensely difficult, especially after the holiday season. Even people without a diagnosed condition struggle to redetermine their relationship with their body and with food.  Here at The Ranch Tennessee, we believe in setting positive intentions for the year. With that in mind, here is a collection of 12 eating disorder …

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