How Much Do You Think You Drink?

In a recent study, Claire Garnett and her colleagues at University College London and King’s College London found that people tend to underestimate the amount they drink, especially if they’re young, male, white and unemployed. Close to 50 percent of the people who participated in a survey were found to underestimate the amount they drank…

Is There a Really Addictive Personality?

We have all heard that some people are prone to addiction, and there seem to be plenty of real-world examples to illustrate the truth of this adage. But is it accurate to say that someone who has suffered through multiple addictions has a really addictive personality? Or is this an overly simplistic explanation for a…

Why Do Alcoholics Hoard?

Walk into the home of a seasoned alcoholic and you may notice dishes that haven’t been washed, stacks of newspapers, piles of dirty clothes and general disarray. The overflow of clutter, unopened mail and belongings suggests one of the conditions that have come into the public eye in recent years: hoarding.

people drinking and discovering the difference between alcoholic and functioning alcoholic

Alcoholism: A Slow Suicide

Those who have experience with addiction—either their own or that of a loved one—will often comment that alcoholism is a slow suicide. What do they mean by this? Consistently and persistently overconsuming alcohol is certainly unhealthy, but can it really be compared to putting a gun to one’s head?