Drug Abuse

Police officer approaching vehicle of drunk driver to illustrate the difference between DUI vs DWI

DUI vs. DWI: The Critical Differences

Driving under the influence threatens safety and presents legal challenges if it culminates in arrest. Many people need clarification about the differences between DUI and DWI and under what circumstances law enforcement issue these penalties. Thoroughly examining the nuances of DUI versus DWI is critical to understanding your legal case or that of a loved […]

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woman sits on pier watching the sunset while thinking about how suicide and meth use can be intertwined

Suicide and Meth Use

Methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth or just meth, is highly addictive. Many people have become dependent on it, and too many have died. The physical effects of this drug can lead to fatalities, but the truly troubling side effects are psychological, leading to the relationship between suicide and meth use.Abusers of meth are more

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portrait of a young adult male who is trying to comprehend pain management and addiction

The Challenge of Balancing Pain Management and Addiction

While treating pain is essential to medicine, it is important to be aware of the dangers of patients becoming addicted. The most frequently used medicines for treating moderate, severe, and chronic pain are opioids, which are highly addictive. Millions of people have fallen victim to one or more of these drugs, and the number continues

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Woman in nature for mind, body, spirit in a holistic program

Healing Demands Mind, Body and Spirit

In addiction recovery and in your journey to freedom from anxiety or depression, the healing process demands much more than just addressing the problematic behaviors or feelings that arise. It demands every part of you, mind, body and soul.  You’ve probably noticed that when you encounter circumstances that trouble you emotionally or mentally, physical symptoms will

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man with a finger to his chin wondering what is thc

What Is THC?

THC Defined: The Simple TruthWhat is THC? THC is the chemical that is found in marijuana that makes it intoxicating, psychoactive, or mind-altering.This chemical is found in the resin that is produced by the cannabis leaves and buds of the female cannabis plant. Understand that this plant contains more than 500 other chemicals. Part of

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