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Do I Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

If you suffer from a substance use disorder and suspect you may have a second condition that’s complicating matters, you may benefit from a dual diagnosis treatment. A dual diagnosis is helpful in treating addiction when it co-occurs with a mental health disorder. Common co-occurring conditions include alcohol use disorder and depression as well as opioid addiction and anxiety. Both conditions need to be treated effectively for recovery to take place. You may be wondering, do I need dual diagnosis treatment?

At The Ranch in Tennessee, we specialize in providing effective treatment for clients who have a dual diagnosis.

Do I Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

If you’re asking “Do I need dual diagnosis treatment” and show signs of mental health problems, you need professional help. Major symptoms of dual diagnosis include uncontrollable use of a chemical substance alongside signs of mental health issues including:

  • Prolonged, overwhelming sadness
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Restlessness, tension, or anxiety
  • Sudden, overwhelming feelings of fear
  • Unpredictable mood swings

While these are some symptoms of more common mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and panic, there are many more signs of dual diagnosis. If you or a loved one shows signs of co-occurring disorders, reach out to a mental health treatment center.

What Options Are Available for Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Treatment for dual diagnosis addresses the most severe disorder first. Typically, this is the substance use disorder. Once substance abuse treatment has begun and any crisis periods have passed, you may enter into psychotherapy for the co-occurring medical condition. Treatment for mental health disorders often involves a combination of behavioral counseling and medication such as depressants. However, with dual diagnosis treatment that addresses addiction, your care team will do a careful assessment before prescribing medications.  They will also monitor your prescribed medications throughout treatment.

Special Considerations When Asking, Do I Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis is a complicated issue because it involves two or more disorders that occur together. Additionally, because it involves addiction, your care team must take special care when choosing treatment medications. Not every drug and alcohol treatment facility is qualified to treat a dual diagnosis, but The Ranch specializes in this condition. Contact us today for specialized treatment.

Common Types of Dual Diagnoses

It’s not at all unusual for someone who struggles with substance use disorder to have other issues as well. Drug abuse on its own can sometimes cause mental health issues such as panic or anxiety. And sometimes, the drug use happens as a result of someone trying to find relief from the symptoms of their mental health condition. Common mental health issues that influence a dual diagnosis and are treated at The Ranch include:

Physicians once tried to address substance use separately from mental health conditions, but we’ve since learned that treating clients as whole individuals is much more conducive to recovery. It’s difficult to work on healthy coping skills when you’re distracted by depression or anxiety disorders. Treating all disorders concurrently is the best, proven course of action.

The Dual Diagnosis Treatment You Need at The Ranch

Clients in and around the Nunnelly area can rely on The Ranch to treat their dual diagnoses. Our state-of-the-art facility offers upscale common areas and living quarters, coupled with farm-fresh cuisine that’s naturally healthful. Clients have access to equine therapy, outdoor adventure therapy, and the highest level of behavioral health care in the region. When you choose Recovery Ranch as your drug and alcohol treatment center in Tennessee, you’ll embark on a healing journey to a brighter, more manageable future. Call us today at 1.844.876.7680 for an initial consultation.

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